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Potato and parsnip curry stew recipe

Chef starts the day in the Kitchen with an indian style of curry stew that is full of flavour. This dish has potato and parsnip and the balance of these two vegetables make it a very popular dish.

If you like stew and spice then this recipe is for you and it is very healthy and wholesome.

You will also notice that Chef uses coconut in this recipe - very tasty. Whilst this dish is cooking, you notice a lovely aroma of the spices.

This dish is where every one wants to eat more, the end result is an empty dish.

Ingredients for potato and parsnip curry stew recipe

350g Carrots (small chunks)
500g Parsnips (small chunks)
900g Desiree potatoes (chunks)
150g Red lentils
1 Onion (roughly chopped)
2 Garlic cloves (grated)
2 Inch fresh ginger (grated)
2 tsp Chef Jeenas mild curry powder
1 tsp fenugreek powder
2 large pinches dried methi leaves
2 pinches dried curry leaves
Pinch cumin seeds
Small pinch fennel seeds
Salt to taste
2 Tbsp unsweetened dried coconut
Rice bran oil
Fresh coriander to serve

Picture of garlic and grater.

How to make a potato and parsnip curry stew recipe
Thoroughly rinse the red lentils clean, bring a pan of lightly salt water to the boil then add the lentils - cook until soft.

Drizzle some oil into a large pan and fry the onion son a medium heat for a few minutes, stir often.

Add the garlic and ginger stiring constant for 1-2 minutes.

Turn the heat down a little and add curry and fenugreek powder - stir well for a minute - if the onions start to look dry drizzle a little more oil.

Spices can burn quickly and easily so do not cook the spices longer than a minute.

Add the potatoes, carrots and parsnips to the curried onions - add the dried curry leaves by crushing the leaves using your fingers - add methi.

Pour in enough water so that the potatoes will cook.

Bring to the boil then simmer with the lid on for 30-40 minutes or until all vegetables are cooked.

Once cooked taste and season with salt.

Take a small pan - warm the pan and add the dried coconut - keep shaking the pan so that you lightly toast the coconut, as soon as you start to see the coconut turn golden remove the pan immediately from the heat .

Dried coconut cooks quickly and will carry on cooking from the heat of the pan - keep shaking the pan - pour straight into the curry stew.

A light golden tint to the coconut is best not browned.

Drain the cooked lentils and add to the stew - stir well.

Serve with fresh coriander and yogurt.

Enjoy this healthy wholesome potato and parsnip curry stew recipe, the taste is wonderful.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A gorgeous combo! Delicious!



Gita's Kitchen said... gravy with big chunks of potatoes and parsnips...lovely :)

A_and_N said...

I love the step by step pics. Makes it so easy!

Kerstin said...

This is my idea of perfect comfort food! It looks so flavorful! Cute blog :)

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Lovely combination dear..looks fulfilling :)

Happy cook said...

Love the dish casserole you have served the casserole ( hi his now i sound poetic)
Looks really yumm jeena.

Anita said...

This looks like a great dish for our upcoming winter... mmmmm, you have lovely looking dishes.

Seena said...

New look is good! love the curry, next time add little coconut milk instead of dried coconut, it will improve taste! :)

Dawn said...

rice bran oil? now that's a new one on me. this is a very hearty stew and it has my favorite curry in it. Nice!

Pooja said...

Lovely Stew Jeena! I love stews. Looks delicious!

Nancy said...

This looks delicious! I can almost smell the lovely aroma.

lissie said...

very good recipe, jeena...a good combination with chapathis!