Monday 21 January 2008

Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe

Here is my coconut chicken curry recipe!

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This chicken curry recipe is easy to cook and full of wonderful flavours, the taste of all the aromatic spices and coconut are so comforting to eat, it is thick and creamy in texture and very tasty, I use healthy olive oil in my recipe with no cream or dairy products.

The smell of this coconut chicken curry will make your mouth water as it is so very delicious.

So let's now enter Jeenas Kitchen and let's get cooking....Simply follow my step-by- step photo tutorial guide below:

Ingredients for my Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe

5 Skinless Leg and Thigh Chicken Pieces
3 Small Onions (chopped)
3-4 Shallots (sliced)
1 Large Red Chilli (de-seeded diced)
1/4 Cup Dried Raw Shredded Coconut (ground down in blender)
Olive Oil
Fresh Coriander Leaves

For the Curry Base

3 Small Carrots (chopped)
1/4 Celeriac (peeled, chopped)
1/2 Leek (washed, chopped)

For the Spices

1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Cumin Powder
2 tsp Coriander Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala
6 Small Green Cardamon Pods
Pinch Fennel Seeds
Pinch Cumin Seeds
Pinch Coriander Seeds
3 Inch Fresh Ginger and 2 Garlic Cloves (Ground together with a little water into a paste)
Salt and Pepper (optional)
Pinch Dried Methi/Fenugreek Leaves
Pinch Crushed Dried Curry Leaves

'Note...I use chicken on the bone because it gives the curry a lot more flavour, you can however use chicken breast pieces if you like.'

Getting started on Jeenas Coconut Chicken Curry Recipe..

In a small pan boil you 3 small carrots, celeriac and leek until soft. Drain vegetables and keep the water you strain off them.

Blend the vegetables up in a food processor to form a very thick soup texture paste, add some of the water your saved if they need loosening up.

Leave to the side until later.

(As an alternative you can use some of my butternut squash soup recipe as a base, it works very well with this recipe)

Fry your 3 small onions in a large pan with some olive oil for a few minutes on a medium heat, be generous with the oil.

Add your skinless chicken peices to the onions and cook until they are white all over.

Add your fennel, cumin, coriander seeds and cardamon pods cook for a minute stiring the seeds around. Add your garlic and ginger paste, stir well.

Add your turmeric powder stir well then add your chillis.

If needed drizzle a little more oil in the pan.

Now add your blended vegetable base mix you cooked earlier. Add your coriander, and cumin powders.

Then add your dried curry leaves and dried methi/fenugreek leaves. Stir well cover with a lid then leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes simmering add your garam masala with a little oil and stir well, leave for another 20 minutes simmering.

After 40 minutes your chicken should be cooked through (check if chicken is cooked by checking inside the bone with a fork, if it is still pink or bloody you need to return it too the pan to cook for longer).

Remove all the chicken from the pan onto a plate with two forks remove all the chicken meat off the bones.

Turn down the heat on your large pan now.

Add a little salt and pepper here if you like.

In a small pan fry your shallots until golden brown.

Add your coconut and cook for a minute stiring always. Take off the heat and pour into your large pan of chicken curry sauce.

Put your chicken back into the pan of coconut curry, stir well.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander leaves and cook for a minute or two.

Your coconut chicken curry recipe is now ready to eat.

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Enjoy !


Peter M said...

Coconut & curry always seem to intoxicate me, send me to an exotic place, far far away.

Unknown said...

That looks so yummy! It seems like it would be such a long proccess! but so worth it!

Seena said...

Seeing your coconut chicken curry, I felt like you are a Keralite!:D
Really delicious curry, esp. I loved the veg. mashed method which makes the curry thick and healthy..!!
Jeena, I checked other posts too, and I like that baked one with lentils too..(forgot name, which is not familiar to me..:) )

The Bhandari's said...

bad luck I can't try being a veggi :)
will chk out your other veg options

Rosie said...

Awesome Jeena!! My mouth is totally watering here viewing this curry!!

I have been pondering on a combo like this to try out and you've yet again come to my rescue :D

The only thing here would be the family only like chicken breast meat even though thighs are more tasty so I hope this would work?!

Book marked Jeena and thank you so much for posting this delicious looking recipe!!

Rosie x

Ruth Strong said...

I'm planning to make curry for dinner tonight and seeing your recipe is making me hungry for it! and I've just finished my lunch!

Finla said...

Yummy the chicken curry looks DELICIOUS.
In Kerala S.India we too make chicken curry with coconut.

Chef Jeena said...

It is delicious peter.

Bake your cake and eat it too thanks for stopping by. It really is not that long to cook if you chop all your ingredients before hand. It really is worth it.
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Seena it would be an honour to be a Keralite the food is so delicious. :-)

Preeti why not check out my red lentil flan at the top left of my homepage. :-)

Rosie you are welcome I am sure you will love this curry it is very tasty!

Chicken breast will taste delicious as this curry is very aromatic befor ethe chicken is added.

Thanks for stopping by Rosie. :-)

Ruthe we do love our curries don't we. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Happy cook I love Kerala food it is so delicious. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Chef Peggy said...

Hi Jeena :)
My name is Peggy !!!! I LOVE your site. What got me into loving your site was the CURRIES recipes OMG !!!! Am a curry lover, and my daughter she's 11 yrs old loves it too. I visit your site at least 3 time a day :) But i haven't made anything yet from your site yet....but promise i will soon. Am learning a lot of things from your site, am currently going to culinary school and am using some of your techniques you use !!!
I want to thank you for this site and god bless you too :)

xoxoxo Peggy !!!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Peggy, I am happy that you love my food recipe blog thank you so much for the lovely feedback. It is nice of you to leave such kinds words.

Good luck at culinary school I am sure you will do great! It is nice to hear that you use my cooking techniques and enjoy it, thank you!

Please keep on coming back to to check out new updated recipes.

Take care, Jeena. :-)

Chef Peggy said...

Hi Jeena,
Its Peggy, How are you doing?
I finally tried this Coconut Chicken Curry recipe .... OMG !!!!! It was out of this world. My Family went wild on it ..... the funny thing was...the pot that i made the curry in, Disappeared ... LOL ...!!!!
That was like 3 weeks ago ..... The pot still nowhere to be found :)
I will be trying more of your recipes in the future. May Gob you and your family !!!! xoxoxo Peggy

P.S My Culinary School is going pretty well !!! Still using some of your techniques !!!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for the brilliant feedback I'm glad you enjoyed my curry recipe.

I hope you find the pot you used the curry did make me chuckle reading it. :-)

Take care and keep logging on to JeenasKitchen.

Jeena. :-)