Thursday, 20 December 2007

Jeena's Fresh Spiced Tea Recipe

Here is a recipe for those cold winter nights, it is a real tummy settler! The flavours in a my fresh spiced tea recipe are wonderful and warming with a tingle of heat from the cinnamon and ginger, just perfect!

It only takes a few minutes to prepare this lovely fresh spiced tea drink, so why not curl up with some of Jeena's tea and keep warm this winter.


1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Fennel Seeds
1 Small Green Cardamon Pod
1 Inch Fresh Ginger (diced)
1 tsp Honey (optional)
Small Pinch Broken Cinnamon Sticks
Pinch Fennel Seeds

Getting Started on Jeena's Fresh Spiced Tea Drink Recipe...

Toast your cumin seeds, 1 tsp fennel seeds and cardamon pod in a small pan. Shuffle the seeds in the pan as they toast for a minute or so then take them straight off the heat. Peel the green skin off the cardamon pod and use the little black seeds only, place them into a blender with your fresh ginger and 1/2 cup hot water, grind them up.

Place the tea mix back into the small pan with cinnamon and pinch of fennel seeds, bring to the boil keep boiling for a few minutes.

Add some more water with honey then bring the heat back up again. Pour into a cup through a sieve.

Enjoy your Fresh Spiced Tea Drink Recipe!


Rosie said...

"Jeena's Fresh Spiced Tea Drink" is so perfect for this time of year here in the U.K. I can picture myself now with a cup of your spiced tea in my hand to warm the spirits :)

Great recipe & Pics too!!

Rosie x

Happy cook said...

Wow really healthy looking spice tea.
I can imagine the warm feeling one has inside when we drink that tea

Cakespy said...

I usually buy bulk tea at a local store. My favorite is the genmaicha green tea. This spiced tea drink looks really lovely though. I'll bet it is very soothing on a sore throat too! I love Ginger.

Cynthia said...

Jeena this is a recipe I'm definitely going to try. I was introduced to tea masala in October and since then, I can't seem to drink tea without the masala.

Karen Morgan said...

Dear Jeena,
Oh my goodness, thank you for forwarding me the link to your blog! It's fantastic! I've gone ahead and added you to my links list. The Christmas cake looks divine! :) Karen

mallurecipes said...

wow never thought all these variations...too good
my version is adding ginger and clove...
i will try ur's too.

Seena said...

really good!
Me too make one, but little more spices I add.will post it later.
m,Good for health.