Saturday 26 January 2008

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Jeenas Kitchen is a highly popular worldwide food recipe website
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Anonymous said...

If you have so many wonderful vegan recipes, what´s the need for cooking animals?

monita said...

usually i kind of against bloggers, but today i was searching for a recipe for coconut cookies and i found a photo with your coconut crisp coockies and i took a look around you blog and i must confess that at the end all i wanted to do is to go and make some cakes or something! WOW!
i`m not into cooking at all, but my father is the greatest ever and when i was a kid he`d always make something sweet for me to eat. now i am away from home and i can`t just ask him how to do stuff. i do not like cooking but when it comes to sweets i`m just enjoying myself doing it. now thanks to you i could do something new now and really everything here in your pics looks just tasty and amazing!
keep posting! :)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely , helpful ,well organized ,attractive site u have... found it while looking for a wheat flourless cake beautiful,, wise,, and a plessure to use. of course i'm going to tell EVERYONE ... thank you and keep on and on kiss from maayaan in Israel