Saturday 15 December 2007

Mince Pie Recipe

Here is Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe!

These pies are the most delicious mince pies you will ever taste, the pastry is not rich at all as it is soft, light and crumbles in the mouth.

I have never tasted a mince pie with a pastry as light and delicious as Nanna's.

The step by step picture guide below to Nanna's mince pie recipe is of Nanna herself baking these lovely mince pies.

It was not long before this plate of freshly baked mince pies was left with not a crumb on the plate as they are so very tasty. ..Why not try them out yourself as they were truly wonderful !

8 oz Self Raising Flour
3 oz Trex Vegetable Fat ( or butter/margarine if you can't find trex)
1 Tbsp White Sugar
Small Jar Mince
5 Level Tbsp Cold Water
Powdered Sugar for dusting

You will need one large and one medium crinkle cut round biscuit cutter and a jam tart oven tray.

Getting Started on Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe...

Place your flour, sugar and trex into a bowl and rub together with your fingers until you have a bread crumb consistency.

Add your cold water and mix the crumbs into a ball of pastry using a blunt knife or spoon.

Flour a surface and roll half of your pastry out thin.

Take your largest biscuit cutter, cut out twelve shapes and place into your jam tart tray.

Take a teaspoon and drop a good tsp full of mince into eat pie. Don't over fill your mince pies or it will seep out of the edges of your mince pie lids.

Dip your finger in a little water and gently dab the edges of your mince pies. You don't need to soak the pastry it is just to lightly stick the pastry lids onto your mince pies.

Take your second half of pastry and roll out thin again. Use your smaller biscuit cutter to cut out the lids for your mince pies. Take a blunt knife and and put a line into the middle of each pie lid. Gently press on top of your mince pies on the oven tray.

Place into a pre-heated oven at 205C and cook for 17 minutes or until lightly golden.

Take your mince pies out of the oven and dust with powdered sugar straight away. Take out of the oven tray and place onto a dish. Best eaten when cooled.

Enjoy Nanna's Delicious Mince Pie Recipe!

I hope you enjoyed Nanna's Mince Pie Recipe.

Who in your family cooks nice food ? How do you cook your mince pies ?



Anonymous said...

Hi there jeena i would love this plate of your nannas mince pies to eat, they look good!

Anonymous said...

Jeena i have been waiting to see if you would cook an xmas pudding or mince pies and you have! They look sooooo good i am going to try this recipe tonight for sure. You were so lucky to have these mince pies baked for you off your nan nice post.

Your blog is very good jeena.

Yulanda xx

Tracy Tan said...

i like your new header :)

and the mince pies look really nice. i had some frozen M&S mince before which were quite good - but i am sure yours will be so much better!

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

What exactly is mince? Is it non-veg?
I have tagged for a meme. No compulsions. Please see

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeena, I love your post on mince pies they look lovely, WOW..your nana is amazing her recipe looks awsome and her mince pie recipe looks delicious and yummy....I too want to eat the whole plate :-)

By the way you have a lovely header :) and your blog is excellent. I have linked from my website to yours.

Anonymous said...

We will be making Nanas Mince pie recipe this xmas, please thank Nana for this wonderful recipe as they look so tasty and delicious.They look better than the ones you buy in the shops! :-)

Tabisha xx

Srivalli said...

Great step by step have really taken so much pains in this post...good!

ruthEbabes said...

I had planned as soon as i sat down at the computer now to look through all my RSS feeds and then hunt for a mince pie recipe! You've just saved me the hassle! Will be trying these later in the week.


Rosie said...

Hi Jeena,
I adore Traditional Mince Pies and these are the real deal.

I will be baking mine very soon and your recipe for pastry is very much the same as mine learnt from my mother...

Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful post :)

Rosie x

Sagari said...

jeena pies look delecious and those pics are wonderfullllll

Prajusha said...

wonderful pics.thanks for sharing the lovely recipe of Nanna's mince pie recipe.

Cakelaw said...

These look great Jeena! Very festive. In my family, my
Mum bakes great food - but not often enough :(

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, I love Mince Pies! Yours look beautiful!



Chef Jeena said...

Hi Narinda thanks for stopping by, we ate all our pies up straight away. :)

Hi there Yulanda thankyou for commenting. :) Let me know ho wthe mince pies go I am sur eyou will love them. I certainly am lucky to have had these pies baked for me. :)

Hey Tracy thankyou for commenting on my header. :) I like M&S food too I will tell Nanna that you said her pies were better :D I think they are too, never had a pastry like nannas. :)

Hi Aparna mince is what we use at christmas as a filling for pies or pastry. It is made up of citrus peel, sultanas, dried fruits etc. It is not mince meat it is used for baking sweets. :) Thankyou for tagging me I will check out your blog. :)

Hi Nadia thanks for stopping by my blog. Nanna sure does cook amazing recipes , we really did eat up the whole plate. Thankyou for the lovely comment. :)

Tabisha I thanked Nanna for this recipe. :) Let me know ho wthe pies go, I am sure you wil love them they really are better than the shops. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Thanks for stopping by Srivalli I'm glad you liked the recipe. :)

Ruth let me know how they go I'm sur eyou will love them they taste really good. :) I'm glad you don't have to search for mince pies now. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Rosie I can't wait to see your mince pies too. :)

Sagari they tasted wonderful too, thanks for stopping by. :)

Prajusha thanks for stopping , you are welcome. :)

Cakelaw thanks for the nice comment
it is nic eto eat our families baking sometimes. :)

Thankyou Rosa they tasted beautiful too, thanks for stopping by. :)

Thankyou everybody for your comments on Nanna's recipe, she was very happy that you liked her pies so much. :)

Julie said...

Those look delicious Jeena, perfect for this time of year.

Cynthia said...

My best friend was born in England and loves these! Thanks for sharing your Nanna's recipe. I'll make them and surprise my friend.

One question - if I wanted to make the filling myself, what do I need ?

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Cynthia that would be so great for you to surprise your freind with some traditional mince pies, how lovely of you. :)

I normally buy my mince in a jar they vary a little of what goes into them but the basics are......



Candied Peel (little)

Orange Peel (little)

Lemon Peel (little)

Diced Apple (not too much)

Vegetable suet ( or some other fat)

Sugars and/or Syrup

Sweet Spices (just a little, also careful with cinnamon or it might over power and turn them into cinnamon pies :) -)

You need to boil these ingredients in a pan for them to soften, plump up and the flavours to blend. I don't have an exact recipe Cynthia but I am sure you put together a great mince pie filling for your friend.

I would love to hear from you how it goes. :) I think you will do a great job Cynthia, thanks for stopping by. :)

ruthEbabes said...

Hey Jeena, I just posted about my attempt at your recipe! Turned out fantastically! So yummy!