Monday 20 August 2007

Stewed chicken

Here is a chicken recipe that is healthy and so very tasty.

Chef used a pressure cooker to make it so that the chicken is soft, moist and just falls off the bone.

This dish is very delicious and has lots of flavours from the vegetables and chicken.

Just follow the step-by-step pictures to cook Chefs stewed chicken supper as it tastes wonderful and it is very healthy,

1 Small Leek(washed and chopped)
4-5 Carrots(peeled and chopped)
1 Medium Onion(sliced)
Large Handful Fine Green Beans(ends cut off and chopped)
Skinned Chicken Pieces(legs, wings etc not breast)
Black Pepper
Gravy Granules(optional)

Place your chicken into your pressure cooker and fill with water just over 1/4 way in your pan.

Put your lid onto your pressure cooker securely and bring to the boil. You will know when it is hot enough as it will start to ''hiss''. When it does this turn your heat right down - your pan will still hiss but the heat will stay inside the pan. Cook your chicken for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes turn off your heat and put leave your pan for a minute. Put your pan into your sink and run cold water over the lid of your pressure cooker. Leave for a minute or so then open up. Your pan shouldn't open unless it is safe anyway so don't worry about opening it up.

Take out your chicken pieces onto a plate but keep your stock in your pan to cook your vegetables in. Pick your chicken off the bone and put to the side.

Now add your vegetables to your pan. Repeat the process but this time only cook for 10 minutes. Then cool the pan in the same way etc.

Take your vegetables out and put on a plate just for a moment.

Add some gravy granules to your water(you may need to tip out a little water if it completely swamps your vegetables), if you are not using gravy just add a little salt. I don't add the granules for flavour just for colour so I only use a little. Add your vegetables then your chicken and simmer in your pan without the lid. Add a little pepper and Worcester Sauce if you like here.

Simmer for 5 minutes stiring well.

We ate ours with mashed potato - if you use Vivaldi potatoes for mashing you don't need butter as they are very creamy already. You can eat it as a stew with bread if you like. Enjoy!


Padma said...

Yet another mouthwatering chicken recipe, tx J! I loved the way you used the chicken stock to stem to cook your veggie, thats an added flavor...and serving this with mashed potatoes is simply awesome!

Padma said...

I forgot to mention that your pressure cooker looks sexy, which brand is it?

SeeC said...

Lovely pictures jeena (as usual).
Cooker looks good.

You know am a veggie...couldn't comment much on chicken

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Padma I'm glad you like my chicken recipe. My pressure cooker is a brand called Tower they do quite expensive ones but Mine is quite small compared to some cookersso I got it for about £25. Not bad to say it cooks a lamb in 25 minutes but in the oven it takes so very much longer. :)

Suganya said...

I love chicken stew....Ur version is very nice....Colourful pictures..

amna said...

wow! looks really yummy. the mashed potato looks nice and creamy.

Seena said...

As usual, very nice dish Jeena..Am planning to make it for my kids, they love chicken, but lazy to eat veg.

Seena said...

Hey Jeena, thanks for nominating Simple and Delicious! for Blogger's choice award.Just now I noticed it by my friend..Thanks again...

Swaruchy said...

Hi Jeena....I will pass on this recipe to my husband as I do not eat non-veg...and he is an avid fan of it...looks really nice dear......have seen nice comments on ur cooker and so went back and saw what cooker they were talking abt......ya,it indeed looks nice dear :-)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Sukanya thankyou :)

Hey Nags it tasted good too. :)

Hi Seena I hope your kids like it :) Let me know how it goes. :)

Hey Sirisha thanks for stopping by. Let me know how it goes I hope your hubby likes it. :)

Mansi said...

Hey jeena, thx for stopping by!!

I had a question, do you have a peg/hook in the kitchen where you hang your digicam??:)

your pics are amazing!!


Prajusha said...

simple and easy to make.wonderful pics.

amna said...

hey jeena.. thanks for dropping by..

u can use whole wheat powder for the dosa :) let me know how it came out.. its very easy!

Seena said...

I tried this today for kids, really good and healthy one..thanks dear for the recipe..