Sunday 19 August 2007

Jeena's Pasta Special

This wonderful pasta dish tasted so very good tonight! The tomato's were sweet, the mushrooms juicy and the pasta cooked to perfection. Fusilli Twirl is easy to make but gives maximum flavour! Why not give Jeena's Pasta Special a try?

approx 3 Handfuls Frusilli Tricolour Pasta
1 Large Flat Mushroom(halved then sliced small)
1 Medium Onion(sliced small)
1 Medium Tomato(Peeled and cut into chunks)
Large Pinch Dried Parsley
Few Drops Lemon Juice
Little Garlic Paste(or 1 Small crushed garlic clove)
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil

Put your pasta into some salted hot water and cook. Now fry your onions in some olive oil until browned.

Add your Tomato and cook for a 2 minutes.

Add your mushrooms and stir.

Add you parsley,lemon juice and garlic- stir well.

Let it all cook for 2 minutes or so remembering to stir.

When your pasta will be ready so will your vegetables.

Drain your pasta sprinkle in some grated parmesan and mix well.

Add your vegetables and mix well.

Sprinkle with a little more parmesan and crushed black pepper. Enjoy Jeena's Pasta Special! :)


Viji said...

You are a Pasta expert Jeena. You comeout always with perfect pasta plate. with tricolour pasta it looks lovely. Viji

Prajusha said...

simple and easy recipe of pasta.will try .
Btw, ur pageheader looks wonderful.perfect pic.

Seena said...

Pasta and lamb curry looks delicious..Very easy recipe for with pressure cooker you can prepare lots of meat dishes..

Padma said...

Da is looking cool!

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Viji I'm glad you like my pasta dishes :)

Hi Prajusha it is easy to make but so tasty too let me know if you make it. :)

Hi Seena yes I am trying chicken next. :)

Hey Padma thanks. :)

Sharmi said...

very yummy pasta Jeena! I too have these pasta , have to make it your way.

Anonymous said...

Looks simple yet very flavorful. Makes me want to cook more with tricolor pasta! :)

SeeC said...

Lovely dish Jeena. Different way of presenting Pasta

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Sharmi I'd love to hear from you if you give it a try. :)

Hi Carolina me too I havn't had tricolour pasta in a while I forgot how good it tastes. :)

Hey Seec glad you like it. :)

Deepa Hari said...

Hi Jeena,
Liked ur simple and easy recipe for pasta...Will try it...Can u post a recipe for Veg. Lasagna.

hiltonheadpopcorn said...

Great Recipe. Trying it tonight!

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Deepa I sure will do a vegie lasagne recipe! :)

Hey Tom let me know how your pasta goes. Thankyou for stopping by. :)