Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gluten Free Sweet Pastry Recipe

Gluten Free Sweet Pastry Food Recipe

Coming Soon Sweet Pastry Recipe for Coeliacs and Celiacs!

You will not believe the scrumptious taste to this sweet gluten free pastry recipe. It is totally delicious and can be used in many baking recipes.

I will be posting a Garibaldi recipe along with a recipe for perfect crunchy biscuits, a raspberry rose tart recipe and a gluten free jam tart recipe.

All recipes baked with my delicious gluten free sweet pastry turn out amazing and you will not miss wheat at all because the taste is so fantastic.

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A selection of Jeenas Gluten Free Sweet Pastry Recipes

Gluten Free Garibaldi Biscuit Recipe

Gluten Free Raspberry Rose Tarts Recipe

Gluten Free Jam Tart Recipe

Gluten Free Crunchy Sweet Biscuits Recipe

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Cheeky Spouse said...

A long time ago, I had a boyfriend who had coeliac's disease, so I became accustomed to a lot of gluten-free recipes. The cookies and pastries were always very good, but the bread wasn't as nice, as the texture was very crumbly.

Jeena said...

Yes bread is really hard to make without gluten. I would stick to eating flat bread breads like pita and chaphatis.

You are right about the sweeter food they can taste fantastic without wheat if done correctly. :)