Sunday, 4 May 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookie Food Recipe

Food Recipe Update!

Check out my newly updated chocolate chip cookie recipe.

You can click on this link here chocolate chip cookie food recipe to see my cookie recipe that has been updated with brand new step by step pictures.

We enjoyed eating up all these cookies they really do taste as good as they look.

Why not give my chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe a go and see how delicious these cookies really taste.

Or if you want to eat a more healthy chocolate treat why not try my chocolate health bar recipe or my chocolate fudge recipe that use no sugar and almost no fat but taste absolutely fantastic.

Pictures of Chef Jeenas chocolate chip cookie recipe

Enjoy Chef Jeenas Amazing Tasting Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeena i love your blog so much its great to see your comments back on. I love this cookie recipe they look so so good with the updated recipe. Loved the lamb spaghetti too i dont like beef so i will try it for sure.

Narinder xxx

Anonymous said...

This cookie recipe is awesome . Thanks for sharing. Will keep in touch with your blog

Mona said...

Jeena! My sis loves cookies and I often prepare cookies for her, thnx for sharing your version, will give them a try sometime, they look so delectable!