Wednesday 17 December 2008

Vegan Bakewell Slice Recipe

A bakewell tart recipe is a traditional British sweet.

Bakewells consist of a pastry bottom spread with jam then topped with an almond filling and baked, the bakewell is then spread with a thick sugar icing and glazed cherries.

A bakewell slice recipe is also know as an almond slice recipe.

A bakewell tart is cooked like a pie and a bakewell slice is cooked in a long tray then cut into slices.

Eggs normally plays a big part in the almond filling of any bakewell recipe but my vegan eggless bakewell recipe tastes just as good without egg.

I use my vegan shortcrust pastry for the bottom of the slice.

It is traditional that apricot jam is used in a bakewell recipe.

You will find that I use apricot jam alongside almonds in any recipe that uses almonds and jam as the combination is so fantastic.

As well as posting this full step-by-step recipe for a bakewell slice I have also made a video for this recipe.

Ingredients for Vegan Bakewell Slice Recipe

2oz Suflower Margarine
3oz Light Brown Sugar
1oz White Sugar
2oz Ground Almonds
8oz Silken Tofu (1 box)
2oz Cornmeal Flour (fine polenta)
1 +1/2 tsp Almond Essence
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Bi carbonate of soda

Apricot Jam
Chef Jeenas Vegan Shortcrust Pastry
Powdered Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Cold Water
Glazed Cherries

Picture of glazed cherries.

How to make a Vegan Bakewell Slice Recipe

Mix together brown sugar, white sugar, almonds.

Add tofu, cornflour, baking powder, almond essence and bi carb.

Grease and flour a flapjack oven tin.

Roll out the pastry and line the tin.

Spread the pastry with apricot jam.

Spread the almond mixture evenly on top of the jam.

Place into a hot oven at 180C 30 minutes or until golden and bouncy to the touch.

Once cooled a little remove from the tin and leave to fully cool down on a cooling rack.

Make a thick paste using seived powdered sugar, small drops of cold water and a drop of vanilla essence.

Spread the icing on top of the bakewell slice.

Place cherries evenly on top of the icing.

Cut into slices.

Enjoy Chef Jeenas tasty vegan bakewell slice recipe.

Click on the screen to play my video recipe for my vegan bakewell slice.


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Jeena, these look soooooo yummy!!! I can't wait to make them! thanks for the recipe!

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Jeena, Could I please have a slice now? (Nellie)

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Chef Jeena said...

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carrie said...

Made this today and it is absolutely wonderful. I had fun and games getting the pastry rolled and into the tin but it was worth the effort and I will get better at that as I make it more, It tastes wonderful, I used strawberry jam and used a little much this time, but it still tastes wonderful. Would recommend this recipe highly.