Friday 19 September 2008

Vegan Confectioners Custard Recipe (Dairy Free Egg Free)

Could you beleive that this delicious confectioners custard recipe contains no eggs or dairy? Well you betta! My tasty treat of thick confectioners custard is egg free and dairy free.

The texture is just like confectioners custard as you know it, the flavour is of vanilla.

Somebody close to me has gone vegan and requested a vegan freindly custard recipe, they were so very delighted with this confectioners custard recipe, they loved it.

This vegan confectioners custard recipe can also be made with xylitol which makes it a sugar free confectioners custard recipe.

I do eat dairy products and this custard recipe was enjoyable for me too.

If you can not tolerate gluten, dairy or eggs then you do not need to miss out, try my sweet treat confectioners custard recipe for yourself.

Ingredients for Jeenas Kitchen Vegan Confectioners Custard Recipe
100ml Soya Milk
2oz Sugar
200ml Soya Milk
1oz Fine Corn Meal (fine polenta)
2 Tbsp Vanilla Essence
2-3 oz Sugar
1 tsp Arrowroot Powder
1 Tbsp Soya Milk

'Note...the amount of sugar can very slightly depending on how sweet you like your custard to taste.

Also xylitol can be used instead for a sugar free custard.'

How to Make Jeenas Kitchen Vegan Confectioners Custard Recipe

Without turning on the heat place the corn flour and 2 oz of sugar into a pan.

Pour in 100ml of milk gradually and stir well.

Turn on the heat to medium and warm up the mixture, stirring frequently to remove lumps.

As the custard mixture begins to thicken start to gradually add in the 200ml of milk.

Keep stiring.

When you have added appromimetly half of the 200ml of milk add the vanilla nd extra sugar.

Keep stiring.

Keep simmering the custard and stiring.

When your custard is very thick place 1 Tbsp of milk and 1 tsp of arrowroot into a little bowl and mix well.

Turn the heat off and pour the arrowroot into the custard and mix very very well.

The custard will thicken very quickly.

Pour custard into a large loaf dish.

Place the dish of custard into a tray of cold water until it cools down.

You may need to replace the water once or twice.

Finishing cooling in the fridge where the custard will set.

The custard should not be hot when you place into the fridge, the custard should not be compltetly cold either.

You can leave the custard for a few hours until you use it, it will not take long for the custard to set.

Enjoy Jeenas delicious gluten, dairy free and egg free vegan confectioners custard recipe.


Finla said...

Jeena it looks like the reall custard. I am so shocked there is no eggs etc in it.
You come up with gread ideas

Paula said...

Oh Jeena, you are sooo good! This is a terrific recipe that I know my entire family will love! I've seen Xylitol at the grocery store, but I've never used it. Good to know that it's sweeter than sugar, too. Love your step by step photos. This will be a great dessert to surprise my gluten free babe with!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful treat! Very enjoyable!



Bharti said...

Vegan custard?! The pictures could fool anyone. It looks like the real deal.

Unknown said...

Great vegan recipe..

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Wow, that's amazing you could do that. Looks delicious!

Swati said...

This is one recipe all should possess...
Great one Jeena!!

Romy said...

Oh great I was looking for this! I will try it soon, but with fine rice (semolina);-). Thanks!

mimi said...

can i exclude the soya milk and use another thing in the place of it. Anyways, thanks 4 the recipe .