Sunday 24 August 2008

Spicy Lamb with Buckwheat Recipe

Buckwheat groats are a very healthy grain to eat.

Although we use the word 'wheat' in buckwheat the grain itself is actually a fruit seed related to the rhubarb family and contains no wheat or gluten. See the link here to read my health benefits of eating buckwheat page.

My spicy lamb and buckwheat recipe is a real wholesome dish and quite versatile. You can eat it as a lamb and buckwheat curry dipping in bread or other accompaniments. Also you can drain off the curry gravy and serve my lamb and buckwheat with a salad. It can be drained and eaten in a bowl as it is or even served with plain rice.

This lamb and buckwheat recipe is a one pot meal recipe that takes only 8 minutes to cook in a pressure cooker.

This recipe is very delicious and there is plenty to share if you eat it with some nice side dishes.

Ingredients for Jeenas Kitchen Lamb and Buckwheat Recipe

4-5 Tbsp Buckwheat Groats
2 Lamb Steaks
1 tsp Cumin Powder
1 tsp Coriander Powder
1/2 tsp Paprika
1/4 tsp Turmeric
1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper or Chilli Powder
1 tsp Fresh Ginger (grated/minced)
2 Garlic (crushed)
Large Pinch Ghormeh Sabzi (dried methi/coriander/chives)
Salt and Pepper
1 +1/2 Cup Water
Rice Bran Oil (or other healthy oil like rapeseed/olive)

How to Make Jeenas Kitchen Spicy Lamb with Buckwheat Recipe

Cut the lamb steaks into even bie sized peices disarcding the fat.

Drizzle some oil into the ressure cooker and brown the meat by gently frying it on all sides.

Add garlic, ginger and spices.

Stir well and turn off the heat.

Add buckwheat then water..

Give the lamb and buckwheat a slight stir.

Place lid onto the pressure cooker and bring to full pressure, turn down heat to the lowest heat setting and cook for 7-8 minutes.

Place cooker under cold water and release pressure bu taking the lid off.

Add salt and pepper to season once spicy lamb and buckwheat is cooked.

Serve with bread, rice or drain and serve with salad.

Enjoy Jeenas delicious spicy lamb with buckwheat recipe.

See my vegetarian stuffed peppers recipe for more delicious ways of cooking with buckwheat.


Ivy said...

Although I never heard of buckwheat before I like the ingredients you have used. It sounds delicious.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That spicy dish looke flavorful and extremely good! A wonderful meal!



Katerina said...

I had to read that sentence about "buckwheat groats" twice. Always good to learn something.

Natalie Que said...

This look delicious! I just bought some buckwheat and didn't know what to do with it as I have never used it before... I guess now I know! I will let you know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I love cooking grains with other ingredients so that they pick up the flavors.

Jenny said...

What a great post Jeena. I have never used buckwheat, but now really want to thanks to your great looking meal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeena. This looks so yummy. I'm tagging you with a meme at about 9pm UTC on 25 Aug. :)

Anonymous said...

You are the best celebrity chef ever !! you have an amazing talent in the kitchen, love all these delicious recipes. How do you come up with so many recipes ??

I love Buckwheat and will give this recipe a try. By the way I tried your chickpea patties and they were so very tasty. All you recipes are great. From Josh.

Arabic Bites said...

Oh this looks so yummy jeena. I will have to try it tonight . I can’t wait :)


Mary Ann said...

Yum- this is something that I would love to have for dinner. It looks so pretty against those greens. Sounds delish!

Prudy said...

I was searching madly for buckwheat just this weekend. This looks delicious as always. Do you know if you can grind the groats to make buckwheat flour?

Maria said...

I have never tried buckwheat groats but I want to try them now!

Chef Jeena said...

Thanks Ivy, buckwheat is really tasty. :-)

Thanks Rosa. :-)

Hi Katerina, it is great to learn new things yes. :-)

Hi Hot Garlic, I would love to hear how it goes. :-)

Hi Lulu, you are right grains pick up flavours really well. :-)

Jenny, they go great with meat or vegetarian recipes, I would love to see what your cook up with buckwheat. :-)

Hi Tom, thanks for the meme. :-)

Hi Josh, thank you so much for the lovely feedback you are so kind!
I'm glad you like my recipes, thank you for visiting my food recipe blog. :-)

Hi Zainab, I would love to hear how it goes. :-)

Hi Maryann, yes it went great with the salad too thanks. :-)

Prudy, I have never made my own buckwheat flour using my grinder because I normally buy it from the shops. You could put a few into the grinder to see how fine it will grind maybe? Health food or Polish shops usually sell buckwheat flour. :-)

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Great comfort food!

Sum Raj said...

woo..lamb curry looks fabulous..a small treat for u in my blog..collect it soon :)

Arabic Bites said...

Hi jeena,
I tried the recipe last night, and It’s was very tasty.
I used "barley" instead of "Buckwheat"because I don't have Buckwheat but next time I'll try it with Buckwheat.
We have similar recipes in Arabic Gulf Cuisine using different grains,I'll try to post some of my recipes soon.
Thank you for sharing the recipe.

zainab :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Zainab, using barley sounds wonderful I will have to try it. I'm glad you enjoyed this recipe. I clook forward to seeing some of your delicious Arabic recipes using grains. :-)

test it comm said...

That looks really tasty! Nice presentation with the vibrant greens and reds on the side.

Yasmeen said...

dear jeena,
Wow..this recipe must be a tasty as well as Gluten-free . the preparation is similar to haleem For haleem we coarsely grind the cooked meat and whole wheat mixture.
when i shop for buckwheat ,i'll give your recipe a try.

Rosie said...

This look delicious Jeena another great creation from your kitchen!

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Tip for anyone looking for cheap buckwheat groats.. If there are any Russian immigrants living in your city, find out where they shop. Buckwheat groats are a Russian staple, we eat them a lot! My Russian deli sells them for about $4 per kilo.