Thursday 3 July 2008

Chocolate cheesecake recipe

Chefs chocolate cheesecake recipe is very indulgent, the chocolate filling is thick and creamy and the flavour is of the biscuit is rich.

Instead of using a sweet biscuit base Chef uses a savoury cracker, this balances out the richness of the dark chocolate and means that the cheesecake is not too sweet.

Chef uses a delicious dark chocolate that has an 85% cocoa content, so you can well imagine the taste!

Also in this recipe Amaretto and Kirsch are used to change this chocolate cheese recipe into an extravagant cheesecake recipe that is perfect for any special occasion.

If you have never used powdered gelatin before then this recipe is perfect for you as Chef gives detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use gelatinfor this tasty chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Ingredients for Jeenas Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

300g Cream Cheese
1-2 Tbsp Powdered Sugar
Small Handful Almond Nuts (chopped)
Approximately 15 Hovis Biscuits or Wholewheat Crackers
2 tsp Amaretto
2-3 Tbsp Kirsch Liqueur
1 tsp Powdered Gelatine
2-3 Tbsp Butter or Margarine
8-10 Pieces Dark Chocolate
3 Pieces Dark Chocolate

Picture of 85% Cocoa Chocolate.

Picture of Kirsch and Amaretto Liqueur.

Picture of Hovis Crackers and Chocolate.

Picture of freshly whipped chocolate cheese filling.

How to make a chocolate cheesecake recipe

For the chocolate base..

Grind up the crackers in a blender.

Take a small pan and fill it just under half way with water.

Bring the water to the boil and simmer on lowest heat.

Place a small bowl on top of the pan and put the 3 chocolate pieces inside of the bowl to melt down.

In a separate pan melt the butter.

Pour both the melted chocolate and melted butter into the cracker crumb mixture with 1 tsp of Amaretto.

Mix well.

Mix in the almond nuts.

Press into a round cake/flan tin.

Cover and place into the fridge.

For the gelatine..

Use the same method for the gelatin as the chocolate.

Place 2 Tbsp Kirsch and 1 tsp of Amaretto into a small bowl over a pan of hot water half full.

Add 1 tsp of gelatine powder and warm up.

Keep stirring the gelatine crystals until they dissolve completely.

Once disolved pour the gelatine into a small bowl and leave for 5-10 minutes.

You do not want to whisk the gelatine into the cream cheese while it is hot, let it cool a little.

For the cream cheese filling..

Place the cream cheese into a bowl with the powdered sugar, whisk together.

Melt the 8-10 peices of chocolate using the same method as for the chocolate base.

Once the chocolate has melted pour it into a bowl and spread the chocolate around the edges of the bowl so it cools down slightly.

Pour chocolate and gelatine into the cream cheese mixture.

Whisk well.

Take the chocolate base out of the fridge.

Pour the chocolate cheesecake filling onto the base and spread evenly.

Place covered into teh fridge for 2 hours at the least.

Once fully set you can top with fresh fruit or grate some chocolate on top.

Enjoy Jeenas indulgent chocolate cheese cake recipe.

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Sum Raj said...

wooo...wht a chocolate cheesecake..this is perfect recipe to make loved one more happy...its soo delicious and has come out soo creamy and smoothy....luv the cut piece of the cake ...perfect shape...

Lisa Turner said...

Jenna, cheesecake is one of my favorite treats. I try to limit my consumption of chocolate, but I could not resist this.

La Bella Cooks said...

This cheesecake looks amazing! Just by looking at it you can tell it is rich and decadent. A little amaretto makes everything a bit better :)

Chef Jeena said...

Thank you Suma, it really was so thick and creamy textured. Glad you like dthe pictures. :-)

Thank you Lisa, I know what you mean about chocolate I have phases where I really want to eat it a lot or not eat it at all. Latley I have been chocolate mad so couldn't resist a lovely cheesecake. :-)

Chef Jeena said...

Thank you Bridgett, I am not a drinker really but Amaretto is so delicious in desserts. :-)

test it comm said...

That chocolate cheesecake looks do good! I really like the sound of adding the Amaretto and Kirsch to it!

Unknown said...

Awesome treat Jeena.Sounds great adding Amaretto and Kirsch.Jeena, ur blog always fascinates me with so elaborate pictures and instructions.Infact it makes so easy.Great job

Ramya Bala said...

Wow,thats really a mouthwatering cake...
I have visited ur website before I started blogging,n when u posted a comment in my blog few days ago,I got confused as the link went to ur blog...Thanks for dropping by..
AND last but nt the least,U have a lovely blog and ur illustrations are simply superb...
And I have smtg for u in my blog

Arundathi said...

OMG that looks unbelievably good!!

grace said...

two of my favorite words to see in a blog title--chocolate and cheesecake. what a fabulous recipe and picture tour. :)

Vicarious Foodie said...

Ooohh I wish I wasn't on a diet--this looks amazing! I especially like the amaretto.

Prudy said...

That's a beautiful cheesecake with a perfect texture. I'm adding you to my blog list-your blog is just too wonderful!

Vani said...

Oh, wow! That's delicious decadence for sure!

lola said...

This cheesecake looks amazing

but the problem

i dont love choclates with cakes

or with cheesecakes

do you have other recipes?

giz said...

What a great recipe for a special occasion. My niece is looking over my shoulder and the drool is not fun for me but good on the impact of your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I like it...Like it!!! :)

Cynthia said...

Jeena, this looks really delicious and I admire you for always taking these step by step photographs.

Retno Prihadana said...

Step by step how to cook chocolate cheesecake are so helpful. It looks really great. Can I substituted gelatin with agar-agar?

Lucy..♥ said...

Looks absolutely scrumptious & heavenly!! And... I just love the addition of the liquors with the chocolate. Yummy!

La Bella Cooks said...

Hi Jeena! You have been tagged, so please visit my blog when you can!


Chef Jeena said...

Kevin, the Amaretto and Kirsch tasted lovely. :-)

Pearlsofeast, thank you so much, I am happy that you like all the pictures. :-)

Ramya, thank you so much, I will be back to visit your blog too. :-)

Thank you Arundathi it tasted that good too. :-)

Thank you Grace. :-)

Vicarious Foodie thank you , the Amaretto was lovely. :-)

Prudy thank you so much you are so kind! I am so honoured that you like my blog so much. :-)

Thaank you Vani. :-)

lola thanks for stopping by. You can see my cake recipes index page or if you look to the right hand side of my blog and keep scrolling down you will come to a cakes and sweets section, you may find what you like there. :-)

giz, that must be the most humerous compliment I have had yet, I didi have a chuckle! Thank you so much, I'm glad you both like my cake. :-D

Thank you Rachel. :-)

Thank you so much Cynthia, I do enjoy taking the pics and posting them. I admire you for being a great cook! :-)

Retno Prihadana thank you for stopping by. I have not used agar agar yet myself, but from what I read it is used as an alternative to beef gelatine. I would love to hear how it goes, I will buy some agar agar when I can find a shop near by that sells it. :-)

Lucy the Amaretto and Kirsch gave it really great flavour. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. :-)