Tuesday 20 May 2008

Russian Slice Recipe

How to make a Russian Slice

If you live in the UK you must remember eating a Russian Slice from the local bakery as a child ?

I remember eating many lovely cakes from the bakery as a child; Russian Slices and Rum Truffles were always a big favourite as they tasted so nice.

You can get Russian Slices in different variations, some are placed on to a layer of shortcrust pastry and some with out.

In this Russian slice recipe I use stale (dry) chocolate cake and white Madeira cake with real dark rum and a few other ingredients to produce a delicious moist slice.

Both cakes used in the ingredients need to be dry as the moisture of these cakes depends on how the texture of this Russian cake slice recipe will turn out.

The texture is moist and wonderful to eat, the rum flavour comes through the chocolate and blends so well with the other ingredients.

If my Russian Slice recipe does not take you down memory lane then it will have you hooked as a fabulous new cake recipe to eat.

When your family and friends taste this Russian Slice recipe they will be amazed at how you have made such a fantastic tasting cake.

Impress your loved ones with the ultimate comfort food.

Ingredients for Russian Slice Recipe

12oz Dry Chocolate Cake (any type)
8oz Dry White Chocolate Cake (any type)
2 oz Butter
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
6-7 heaped tsp Seedless Raspberry Jam
3 Tbsp Dark Rum

Picture of a teaspoon of seedless rasperry jam.

Pictures of dry Madeira and chocolate cake.

How to make a Traditional Russian Slice Recipe

Break the white and chocolate cake in chunks in a mixing bowl.

Rub the two cakes together with your fingers to produce a dry crumb mixture.

Gently melt the butter.

Place the seedless raspberry jam into the bowl with the Tbsp lemon juice.

Pour in the melted butter.

Add the rum.

Mix together well.

You can taste the mixture to see if you need more rum.

Your Russian Slice recipe mixture will be a dark brown/red and thick textured.

Line a small loaf tin with plastic wrap.

Add the Russian Slice filling.

Make the top even with the back of a spoon.

Cover the Russian Slice with the plastic wrap and place into a fridge for a few hours.

Take the Russian slice out of the loaf tin.

Slice and serve as desired.

You can place a slice on top of some shortcrust pastry or eat it as it is.

Enjoy your Russian Slice Recipe just like from a bakery.

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Julie said...

That Russian slice is calling my name, I have to make it.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Julie, I am sure you will love this recipe let me know how it goes. :-)

An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

It looks sooooooooo yummy. If there is one person who I am jealous of, its you. I adore your cooking skills!
I have used numerous recipes of yours and they are always awesome!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi an Indians Makeup Musings, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

I am really happy that you like so many of my food recipes thank you so much.

Jeena :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! I'm a college student that's always looking for new recipes to help with the stress (stressed spells desserts backwards! haha)

There are 2 things I would like to ask you though:

1. How "rummy"is the cake? Could it pass for a type of rum cake perhaps?

2. Since I've never had russian slice cake, would you think it would pair well with a glaze at all?

...basically, I'm wondering if this would make a good birthday cake for someone turning 21 in the states since alcohol-infused cakes perfectly match that birthday year.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Tiffany, my Russian slice recipe has a nice rum flavour to it, if you like more of a rum flavour you can add a little more rum. The best thing about making my russian slice is that you can actually taste the mixture as you go along.

Do not overly add rum into the recipe as adding too much alcohol will make the mixture to soft.

I would not use this Russian slice as a birthday cake but if you want a delicious rummy treat for a birthday then see here
rum truffles recipe
for an easy delicious rum truffle recipe using the same procedureas the Russian slice .

Also see
kirsch and amaretto infused chocolate cheesecake recipe

Thank you for visiting JeenasKitchen.blogspot.com please come back again as I update with brand new recipes daily.

Thanks, Jeena. :-)

Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

wow, I'm glad I found your blog.
I tried your peach cream cake yesterday and my dh said it was good. He's asking me to do it again. I'll try your chocolate cheesecake too that looks sooooooo good.
I'll add you up to my blog list.
Thanks for the many great recipes you're sharing here.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for your 'Russian Slice' recipe; I will certainly try this as it sounds delicious. Could you please tell me which dark rum you are using as I've bought 3 different types and they all tasted horrible. Many years ago, my father gave me a bottle of dark rum and it was absolutely gorgeous. I look forward hearing from you. Thanks again!

bev bakes said...

Hi Jeena

I was delighted when I came across your Russian Slice recipe as, like you, I used to love bought ones from the bakery!

I've tried your recipe a couple of times and I'm impressed but I feel I could do better! I have a few questions ...

Must it be madeira and chocolate cake or would any stale sponge cake suffice?
How long before it's stale enough?! I left mine for about 2 weeks but in a tin. Should you leave it so the air can get to it and dry it out? (I suspect my cake wasn't stale enough as my last attempt was too moist).
My bakery sandwiches the Russian slice mix between 2 layers of sponge (all stuck together with jam) and tops it off with glace icing. I'm keen to replicate this. Have you tried this or something similar? What's it like with pastry?

Many thanks. Keep up the good work!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Bev,

You do not have to use Madiera cake for this recipe. As long as the cake is dry you can use any type of sponge.

Regarding the dryness of the cake, you could buy a cake that you know tastes dry, for instance one time I bought some brownies and the texture was very dry, not ideal to eat as a brownie but would work perfect in a Russian slice.

Yes you can slice the cake in the morning and let the air get to it before making the Russian slice.

I would love to hear how the Russian slice tastes between two layers of sponge, I have tasted similar to this.

Different bakery's make Russian slices in different ways so I guess it is just finding the taste that you like best.

Yes Russian slices can be made with pastry too, although I have not made a Russian slice like this just yet.

I hope this helps.

Keep logging on to http://jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com as I update almost daily with brand new recipes.

Thanks, Jeena.

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Wow! You can tell this is fabulously moist!!

Anonymous said...

My mother used to buy Russian Slice at Betty's Bakery in Northallerton, N. Yorks. England, and I loved it. They no longer sell it, so I will be trying your recipe, as others just aren't the same. "Betty's" had chunks of different coloured cake pieces, was square with a pastry base and had a chocolate glace icing on top. Absolutely delicious. Thanks for this recipe, can't wait to try it.

Audrey said...

Hi Jeena,

Finally I came across your recipe for Rum Slice! It's my family's favourite cake and we only get it from old English bakeries in Singapore. Its usually rolled up into a thin sponge with nut sprinkles.

Will definitely try it. Just a question: can I do without the jam? My parents are diabetic and fearful of sweet cakes.