Friday 30 May 2008

Apricot and Almond Danish Pastry Recipe

How to Make an Apricot and Almond Danish.

This recipe tastes absolutely delicious. The golden crisp pastry crust, the beautiful apricots and the almond filling are all so sticky and tasty - this apricot pastry recipe is very addictive.

Danish pastry is very delicious, in this apricot pastry slice recipe I use puff pastry that is pre-made to save on time and because it is more available in some countries.

In the UK nearly anything that is a 'pastry' with sticky, almond, apricot or jam filling is classed as a danish. There are almond pastries, cinnamon pastries, danish cherry iced pastries or chocolate danish. Sometimes puff pastry is used but these delightful sweet treats are still called 'a danish'.

My apricot danish pastry slice recipe is very simple to and will impress family and friends when they taste how amazing it is.

Ingredients for Apricot and Almond Danish Pastry Recipe

1 Pack Puff Pastry
1 Tin Apricots (juice drained and discarded)
75g/3oz Ground Almonds
75g /3oz Caster Sugar
1 Medium Egg (beaten)
15g /1/2 oz Butter
Apricot Jam
Flaked Almonds (optional)

For the Glace
Powdered Sugar

Note.....'Try to use real butter in this recipe as it makes a big difference in the flavour. Also, I use all of the almond paste mixture on my apricot danish recipe, you can use a little less of the mixture if desired.'

Picture of tinned apricots ready to be placed onto the danish slice recipe.

Picture of puff pastry ready to be rolled out.

How to make an apricot and almond danish pastry slice recipe

Take the puff pastry and roll into a large rectangle shape.

(you can place the rolled out pastry straight onto a greased and floured baking tray before you add the filling if you like.)

Take a sharp knife and slice a rectangle shape into the pastry approximately 2 inches from the edge.

Only lightly mark the pastry do not slice it deep.

Place the ground almonds and caster sugar into a bowl.

Mix the butter in.

Add some beaten egg little by little to form a sticky almond paste.

Your almond paste should be thick and moist.

You do not want the almond paste too loose or too dry.

Spread apricot jam into the outlined rectangle on your pastry.

Carefully spread with the almond paste.

Place the tinned apricots evenly on top of the almond paste.

Take the edges of the danish pastry slice and fold them over.

You can decorate the edges however you desire.

You can even place small slits around the edges if you like.

Carefully place the pastry onto a large greased and floured baking tray.

Place apricot danish recipe into a hot oven at 220C for approximatly 20 minutes or until turned golden brown and cooked.

Once your apricot danish slice recipe has cooked you need to make the glace.

Mix enough water with some powdered sugar to make a runny liquid icing.

You can sprinkle the danish slice with flaked or toasted flaked almonds here if desired.

Drizzle the runny icing mixture alover the danish pastry.

Use the back of the spoon to cover all the apricots and all of the pastry edges with the sugar glaze.

Do this straight out of the oven when the apricot danish pastry is still hot.

Covering all the pastry edges means that the pastry will be as sweet and sticky as the filling so cover the entire danish pastry slice with your mixture.

Once cooled your apricot and almond danish pastry recipe is ready to be removed from the baking tray as served.

Enjoy this sticky almond and apricot treat.


RecipeGirl said...

What an amazing step-by-step. It looks delicious!

Finla said...

Jeena this looks so delicious. I have bookmarked it to make them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Danish! This pastry looks so yummy! I love the combo of apricots and almond. Yum! I really hope to try this one day.

Anonymous said...

One word only, BEAUTIFUL.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Recipegirl, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm happy you like the recipe. :-)

Hi Happy, let me know when you make it, it is so yummy. :-)

Hi Farida, I love the combo too. I would love to hear from you if you make it. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Thank you so much Lilipoot. :-D

Anonymous said...

This is the fastest way to ecstasy as far as easy desserts go. Instead of tinned apricots my partner poached some picked from the neighbours' tree. He added cinammon to the almond mix. Next time he'll use apricot jam made from the same apricot tree.

Hanna said...

Yummy recipe!! only we had no apricots so used fresh peaches I hope it will taste as good as yours=]!!

Anonymous said...

hi, its very nice recipe. can you please write the recipe of making puff pastry rolls recipe. i will be really thankful

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeena, The Danish looks GLORIOUS. Did u roll out the entire pack of puff pastry all at once?

Anonymous said...

Jeena, whats the volume of the tinned apricots?