Saturday 12 January 2008

Saturday Kitchen Recipe - Buckwheat/ Mung Sprout Dosa

This weeks Saturday Kitchen Recipe - Buckwheat Dosa with Bean Sprouts!

Traditional Indian Dosa recipes is made by fermenting rice and urad dhal over night.

Do not ferment this recipe as it is not a traditional dosa.

My Saturday Kitchens Buckwheat Dosa Recipe is quick and easy to cook so it is great when you are in a hurry and want that extra side dish to compliment your meal.

This recipe uses a combination of buckwheat flour and bean sprouts as they compliment each other, the flavour is nutty and wholesome and the texture is light and fluffy,
you can scoop up some of your delicious curry with a dosa just as good as you could with chapatti bread.

This recipe is also gluten/wheat free and is not a starchy dish which is a great chapatti alternative. Buckwheat is very healthy for you.

Bean sprouts are also packed full of good nutrition and contain many vitamins and protein. Healthy food can be so very tasty!

When you bite into my dosa you will see that they are light and bubbly, this truly is a wonderful dish !

So let's now enter Jeena's Kitchen..... and let's get cooking !


1/2 Cup Fresh Mung Bean Sprouts (washed)
1 Small Onion (chopped)
1 Heaped Tbsp Buckwheat Flour
Pinch Salt and Pepper

Getting Started on this weeks Saturday Kitchen Recipe - Buckwheat Dosa's..

Place your washed mung bean sprouts and onion into a food processor and blend into a smooth bubbly paste.

Add buckwheat flour with a little salt and pepper, add enough water to help loosen the dosa mixture. Add only a little water at a time it should be like a pancake batter.

You do not need to ferment this mixtue it can be used straight away.

Heat up a flat pan with a little oil ( you only need oil the once).

Pour some of your dosa mix onto the pan and quickly help it spread with the back of a spoon.

When your buckwheat dosa looks like it has cooked and set enough to turn over use a spatula to turn it over and cook the other side.

You will notice how the dosa gets bubbles forming inside it. Cook until light and golden, you may need to turn again once or twice.

Enjoy Jeena's Saturday Kitchen Buckwheat Dosa Recipe.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks Saturday Kitchen Recipe - Buckwheat Dosa!

We ate our buckwheat dosa recipe with some red lentils parippu and it was fantastic as the taste was amazing.

How do you make your dosa ? What would you eat your dosa with?


Anonymous said...

hello Jeena,

I love this dosa recipe and this recipe looks so healthy (Bean sprouts look a great idea), I will be cooking this one for sure :-)

Your blog is very nice and I Love all your pics, keep up the good work..

Narinda xx

Anonymous said...

WOW jeena these look very nice, what could i use instead of bean sprouts ?

Seena said...

Jeena, you cook everything that is very healthy!
Love dosa and the baked bars is really very easy to try out!

Archana Doshi said...

Lovely recipe. I make a similar recipe, but yours is much better, as you use sprouts, i just soak the ming beans and grind them. Will try it out.
I like the recipes in your site. Have already subscribed to your site, so i dont miss out on any new updates.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to make dosa for a long time!! I will try your recipe.

Rosie said...

HI Jeena, you always deliver great looking dishes!! This one looks very healthy and delicious as always :D Thanks for sharing this recipe and brilliant pics and instruction run down!! Your family are so very lucky to have a gem like you to cook and bake for them!!

Rosie x

Kribha said...

That's awesome. I eat bean sprouts all the time but never made dosa with it. Got to try it soon.

Anonymous said...

I can buy mung beans but not the sprouts. how long do I have to soak them for? Looks yummy!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Cheryl thank you for stopping by please bookmark this site as I update with new recipes daily.

To make mung bean sprouts you need to sterilize water by boiling it first. Let it cool.

Rinse your mung beans in clean water and soak them in the sterilized water over night in a dish, cover the dish and make sure there are a few little holes in the lid or use a clean dish towel cut and placed over the top with a rubber band.

Keep it in a dry, dark warm place.

The next day use sterilized water to rinse the mung beans. Soak the beans again in the same way.

Usually mung beans only take a day or two to sprout.

Make sure the beans are fully sprouted before eating and rinse first.

I would love to here how the recipe goes.

Thanks Jeena

deepti said...

Hi Jeena! Great nutritious recipe, I think I'll try this for my little one soon.

Just one question, can I prepare this ahead of time and let it sit/ferment overnight?

I am asking because I have never made the traditional dosa before. Would anything change?

Deepti said...

I am super excited to try this one out! Looks great and very healthy and quick to make. I have never made dosa before and I would like to ferment this batter overnight, is it OK to do that? Or should I ferment only the mung and buckwheat mixture?
This will be useful to get some protein into my litte one :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Deepti,

This is not a traditional dosa recipe so do not ferment it. Mung beans/sprouts should never be fermented.

If you are making this recipe for your little one I would advise making a flour based pancake rather than using the sprouts.