Tuesday 15 January 2008

Cinnamon Biscuit Recipe

Tasty cinnamon biscuit swirl recipe.

This recipe is very easy to make and so very quick to cook.

If you like cinnamon then this biscuit recipe will be ideal for you as they are so very delicious.

These cinnamon biscuits are crisp, crunchy with a soft centre, great as a snack or a wonderful accompaniment to have with your favourite cup of tea or coffee.

If you want a fast fresh crispy snack with a touch of aromatic cinnamon then get cooking this cinnamon biscuit recipe because they taste wonderful.

3 Tortilla Wraps
1 tsp Cinnamon Powder
4 Heaped tsp Low Fat Margarine
2 Tbsp Soft Brown Sugar

Getting Started on Easy cinnamon biscuits swirl recipe

In a small bowl mix together you sugar, margarine and cinnamon powder.

Place your tortillas onto a flat plate.

With the back of a spoon spread the cinnamon butter mixture onto the tortillas one by one. Save approx 1 tsp of the mixture for later.

Make sure you spread the mixture to all the edges of the tortilla.

Take the edge of the tortilla and fold it neatly.

Take the folded part of the tortilla and fold it in half again, this gives it a round shape when you roll it up instead of a flat shape.

Roll up the tortilla - repeat this process with all 3 of your tortillas.

Take the tsp of cinnamon butter mixture you put to the side and spread it all around the tortillas, this includes underneath the tortillas also.

Take a sharp knife and cut the tortillas diagonally. Some of the cinnamon butter may drip out of the tortillas, it will tastes fantastic once cooked so don't worry about it they look great.

Place all the cinnamon swirl biscuits onto a baking tray, you do not need to grease the tray as you have already spread butter all around the cinnamon biscuits.

Place into a pre-heated oven at 180C for 7 minutes.

Take the tray of cinnamon biscuits out of the oven and turn the oven tray around for the biscuits to cook evenly.

Return to the oven for another 5-7 minutes.

Take out your tray and leave the cinnamon swirl biscuits to cool on the tray.

Now your cinnamon swirl biscuit recipe is ready to eat.

Dust with powdered sugar.

Have a break and eat your cinnamon biscuit swirls with a nice cup of tea !

Enjoy Chefs Cinnamon Biscuit Recipe.

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Peter M said...

Jeena, these are too easy to not try out. I love the look and simplicity of them!

Anonymous said...

i have never seen such a wonderful site on baking. too good to be true. pls contunie to post more eggless cakes and cookies. your cakes and cookies look out of this world. how about some chocolates?

Anonymous said...

how do i know which recipe has been added recently? sorry but i am kinda new here.

Ruth Strong said...

When I saw the first few photos of these I have to admit they looked very complicated, but turned out to be rather simple!

They look delicious! Congrats on another fantastic recipe.

Seena said...

very lovely, easy to prepare sweet!
thanks for sharing..

Pooja said...

This looks lovely and crispy too !
you made it simple to make following your step by step pictures...
thanks for sharing Jeena.

Chef Jeena said...

Peter give them a go they are really nice. :-)

Anonymous thanks for stopping by and commenting. I will sure be posting some chocolate recipes so stay tuned. :-)

Anonymous if you click on the homepage link at the top of the page or type in http://jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com then the most recent recipes will be there verytime you click on my blog. You can browse all my different catergories also to check out more recipes. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

ruthEbabes thankyou they do look fancy don't they. :-)

Seena theyare so easy to make yes. :-)

Cooking and the City thanks for stopping by I'm glad you like them. :-)

Pooja thanks for stopping by. They really are crispy. :-)

Megan said...

I wish I had one right now! If I had some tortilla... I'm making these as soon as I can get my hands on some! They look fabulous.
By the way, Your tagged!

Swati said...

Hi Jeena
Am floored by this recipe of yours...so simple yet so impressive...this will be my dessert for my Mexican menus!!
Hey, you've been tagged...do hv a look !!

Kribha said...

Jeena ,
I absolutely love those. Although I can't have this for now, I will certainly save it for later. Ah...I'm drooling already.

Mansi said...

jeena!! this is so simple and perfect!! using tortillas!! you go girl! I'm definitely trying these soon!:)

thanks for the lovely entry:)

Anonymous said...

I just made these in less than half an hour and they were amazing! Now I have a quick recipe for a party dessert. Thanks!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Anonymous, I am glad you like the recipe thank you for the feedback.

Jeena :-)

Anonymous said...

i just tried it. its very easy and delicious!!! thx so much

Shabs.. said...

what an invention!!!i thot this biscuit was gonna be tooo complicated wen i saw. but its so damn simplewith a complicated look. can show-off. Will definitely make it in no time!thanks. U got a wonderful blog.

Ann said...

Wonderful Demo and very tempting Pics :0) Sure, gonna try making it soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, the tortillas sold in my neighborhood are quite salty! would that affect the taste of the biscuits?