Saturday 8 December 2007

Saturday Kitchen - Lamb and Mushroom Keema Recipe

This weeks Saturday Kitchen Recipe is my Lamb and Mushroom Keema. This recipe is a big favourite in my house because it is just simply delicious!

The minced lamb with the blend of herbs and spices, then the mellowness of the mushrooms and the refreshing bite of the coriander is divine. If you love curry then this weeks Saturday kitchen recipe is for you, why not give my lamb and mushroom keema a go and taste it's aromatic wonders for yourself.

1 Red Onion (blended)
2 Peeled Tomatoes (blended)
3-4 Inch Fresh Ginger
3-4 Garlic Cloves (blended with ginger and a drop of water)
1 Red Chilli (de-seeded & diced)
1 Green Capsicum (de-seeded & diced)
2 Green Chillis (left whole)
2 Large Flat Mushroom (chunks)
Olive Oil
Pack Minced Lamb
Fresh Coriander Leaves

1 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Coriander Seeds
Large Pinch Dried Curry Leaves
Large Pinch Dried Methi Leaves
1 tsp Turmeric
Small Pinch Ground Nutmeg
1/2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Ground Coriander
1 tsp Ground Cumin
1 Tbsp Garam Masala
1 Bay Leaf
Pinch Salt optional

note.....' you can add tiny drops of water and or oil as you go along, but never pour in too much water, a little at a time is best otherwise your curry will become a stew.'

Getting Started on this weeks Saturday Kitchen Recipe...

Fry your blended onions in a large pan/wok on a hot heat for a few minutes. Add your coriander seeds, cumin seeds and dried curry leaves, stir well. After a few minutes add your ginger and garlic paste and turmeric, stir well.

Add your blended tomatoes, stir well on a medium heat. Add your red diced chilli and green capsicum. Put in your pinch of nutmeg. Keep stiring well now add the lamb mince and chop at it with your spatula.

Add your methi leaves and basil leaf with a pinch of salt (optional) and your whole green chilli's..

Add your ground coriander, cumin and paprika, with some oil and stir well. Add your mushrooms.

Simmer for a few minutes then add your garam masala. Simmer then for 10 minutes or until your lamb mince and mushrooms are cooked.

Sprinkle with fresh coriander in your pan/wok and serve with bread, rice or accompaniment of your choice.

Enjoy Jeena's Saturday Kitchen Lamb and Mushroom Keema Recipe. :)


Peter M said...

Jeena, I see you mopping up food with bread...that's my kinda' food!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That looks lovely. Hey Jeena, do you think it would be possible for you to post a recipe for a Christmas cake? Cheers! :o)

Finla said...

Jeena give me a slice of bread to eat like u r doing it in the pic. It looks really delicious.

Kribha said...

Who can resist this tasty dish? I normally pair kheema and peas. Never tried mushroom before. Looks so delicious.

Seena said...

Wow, Jeena, just like we get from restuarants!
love it, love it, bookmarked!
plan to make it with chapathi.

Sagari said...

jeenaaaa keema look soooo delecioussss

Chef Jeena said...

Thanks Peter yes it certainly tastes good when you are dipping into the pan too. :)

Anonymous thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :) I keep meaning to get a christmas cake baked I will sure try to fit it in. :)

Happy I'm glad you like it you sure can have some bread. :)
Cooking and the City said...

Hi there let me know how it goes when you make my keema and spaghetti bolognese. :) I sure will stop by your blog thanks for the link. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Kribha this dish is lovely with mushrooms but I do agree keema with peas is great too. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hey Seena thankyou for such a lovely compliment. Let me know how it goes. :) I'm glad you like this recipe, thanks for stopping by. :)

Hey sagari thanks for stopping by, it tastes so good too. :)

Rosie said...

WOW this looks delicious Jeena!! I could take some bread and join in on the mopping up ;)

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Yum!! This is absolutely delicious! I am really hungry now!!!!

Moderator said...

This looks fabulous! And I won't have to make any changes to the recipe to make it gluten free for me. Now I just need to work on making a flat bread to go with it.

The Bhandari's said...

Lovely look for blog :) I didn't read the recipe as am veggi :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jeena. I made your lamb keema, was unable to get red capsicum but it was still delicious. have written it up on my blog giving a link to your recipe. please let me know if thats ok!

Chef Jeena said...

You sure can have some bread Rosie. :)

Hi mycookinghut thanks for stopping by. :)

Rose the great thing about curry is that lots of different bread go wqith them. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hey Preeti thankyou I'm glad you like my new look. :)

cooking and the city thanks for letting me know you made my keema. I am glad you liked it I will stop by your blog soon. :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Looks delicious! I don't know if I've ever had anything like that.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures in your blog. It really motivates me to try lots of recipes in your blog. Lots of hard works goes in to it. I can see it. Thank you for sharing.


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Ramya, I am happy that my pictures are helpful and encourarging. Thank you for your lovely comment. It makes me smile to know that you like my food recipe blog.

Jeena :-)