Wednesday 28 November 2007

Green Pepper Relish Recipe

I love this recipe because it goes with so many different things, tastes so delicious and is quick and easy to cook. The golden potato and juicy green peppers are all this dish needs to give my cooked green pepper relish the delightful more-ish flavour that it has. You can have this recipe as a side relish or as a relish inside a sandwich, YUM! I serve my green pepper relish with my Easy Bean Burger Recipe very often, the two go together so well. We love this healthy side dish why not give it a go yourself. :)

1 Small Baking Potato
1 Large Green Pepper/Capsicum
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Getting Started...

Peel your potato and grate it with a cheese grater. Dab the moisture out of it with kitchen paper of a clean tea towel. If you used kitchen paper make sure you do it gently and be sure there is no paper stuck to the potato.

Heat up a little frying pan with a little olive oil and add your potatoes. Keep cooking and stiring around the pan until it goes more yellow in colour.

Use a spatula to chop at the potato in your pan and stir it. Once it starts turning golden in colour add your peppers.

Keep stiring and chopping at the mixture for a few minutes.

Add a little salt and pepper, keep stiring until the potato is more and more golden and your peppers look all soft and juicy.

When your peppers are soft and juicy and your potato golden then your cooked green pepper relish is ready.

Enjoy Jeena's Cooked Green Pepper Relish. We ate ours with my Easy Bean Burger Recipe. :)


Kribha said...

It's so easy and looks tasty. I think it will taste great with rotis and rice too.

Tracy Tan said...

i'm beginning to learn that texture and manner of cooking make the difference. grated potato would taste really yummy - i am a fan of the spud!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Kribha es it does taste great with bread and rice. :)

Hi Tracy yes it can sure make a difference the textures of a dish sometimes :) I love spuds too. :)

FH said...

Great combo Jeena. Burgers and relish go very well together!:))

Sagari said...

nice recipe jeena

Finla said...

Lovely relish.
Sure must have tasted great with the bean burger. YUmmy

Chef Jeena said...

Asha they sure do :) thanks for stopping by. :)

Thanks for stopping by Sagari. :)

Hi Happy it really did taste good, really juicy peppers and golden potatoes. :)

Lissie said...

potaotes and green peppers... tasty combination! simple and easy recipe :)

Anonymous said...

I am on a very low carb, dairy free, egg free there something other than the potato that could be used with this recipe?