Saturday 27 October 2007

Carrot and Coriander Soup Recipe

This is the quickest, easiest carrot and coriander soup recipe you will ever make.

It tastes so very delicious and you will love it too !

It is very low in fat and dairy free which means it is a real guilt free treat.

Soups do not need cream, milk and unlimited herbs to make them taste nice, the great thing about home made soup is that at the most, with a pinch of salt, spice maybe and the odd herb, soup can taste wonderful and be so very healthy.

The best flavour comes from the vegetable itself, if you get yourself a good blender you will not believe how you can turn a cooked vegetable into such a fantastic dish.

I use few ingredients in this recipe and the taste is wonderful.

I use dried coriander instead of fresh because as much as I love fresh coriander the whole point of it being carrot and coriander soup is that you can taste the carrots.

Using fresh coriander leaves over powers it too much, So I use dried which is a nice balance of the flavours.

I am sure you will love this soup recipe as much as we did and it is a great winter warmer and so very healthy.

10 Medium Carrots (diced small)
1 Small Onion (diced small)
Large Pinch Dried Coriander
Salt and Pepper
Drizzle Olive Oil

(I use a pressure cooker but if you don't have one you can boil your carrots and onion instead but make sure they are cooked until soft enough to blend into a smooth soup)

Getting Started

In your pressure cooker bottom(without the lid) gently fry your onions in some olive oil until golden brown. Turn the heat off and add your carrots, stir well.

Take your tomato and put 3-4 slits down each side, you do not want to chop it up but do them a little deep.

Place this on top of your carrots. Add enough water so that you can just see the water trying to come through the carrots.

Place the lid of your pressure cooker on, make sure it is secure and safe. Turn the heat back on and bring to the full pressure, now turn the heat down to the lowest you can and let it cook for 7 minutes.

Turn off the heat gently place your cooker under your cold tap, when pressure is released open your lid off.

Your carrots , onion and tomato should be soft now. With a spoon you can take the tomato skin out of the pan and discard it.

Using a blender pulp it all into a soup. Place it into a different pan, add salt and pepper to taste with a large pinch of dried coriander leaves. Simmer for a minute or two then serve.

Enjoy Jeenas Carrot and Coriander Soup as the taste is wonderful.

Enjoy my Carrot and Coriander Soup Recipe, it is wonderful !

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Indonesia Eats said...

the color is so wonderful

Lissie said...

jeena, the soup looks yummy! beautiful colour!!

Peter M said...


You mentioned easy, it looks brilliant, sounds delish and I'm all over this...bookmarked!

Swaruchy said...

Yummm Jeena....A lovely color of the soup...i just fell in love with it :-)

Shivapriya said...

Nice colour Jeena and also healthy. Long back I have posted carrot soup recipe.

sagari said...

soup looks very bright and colorfull

Kribha said...

Wow..that color looks so good. Bet it would have tasted great too.

USHA said...

Colour is really nice and tempts us alot.....looks hot anh mouth watering...

Adi said...

It looks soooo creamy. Just looking at it makes you feel healthier and that sunny color is so nice...

Chef Jeena said...

Andaliman yes it is very bright and warm, thanks for stoping by. :)

Hey Lissie thankyou it tasted yummy too. :)

I'm glad you like this recipe Peter it was very nice. :)

Thanks Sirisha I'm sure you would love the taste too. :)

Shivapriya thanks for stopping by I bet your soup is lovely also. :)

sagari thanks for stopping by yes it is real bright. :)

Kribha itreally did taste great thanks for the comment. :)

Thankyou fo rthe lovely comment Usha. :)

Inmaculada it really is creamy in taste thats why you don't need cream, thanks for stopping by. :)

Viji said...

Creamy and colourful Jeena. Viji

Seena said...

Jeena, I usually make very thin soup with carrots..this looks good.
loved your pictures of woods, please post more of your neighbor hood, love to see them...:)

Anonymous said...

Recipe looks great, just a note to say you forgot to add tomato to your ingrients list!

Mongolia said...

Jeena, Im from Mongolia. I never tried in my life this kind of soup, i think you can imagine Mongolian foods. Im married American guy, sometimes i have trouble to prepare meal because Mongolian foods are usually so heavy always meats which not so good for my husband. Thank you so much. I made this soup for my family dinner, they love love it and my husband keep asked me how to made. Im so glad to found your website, also pictures are very helpful and very smart idea. I keep continue to follow your recipe.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I am happy that your husband enjoyed my soup recipe.

Do keep logging on to my food recipe blog because I update daily.

My husband loves the butternut squash soup recipe, these soups are good because they are tasty as well as healthy.

Thank you for stopping by my food blog.

Jeena. :-)

Anonymous said...

It works! i tested it this morning : ) tasted brilliant