Friday 14 September 2007

Vegetarian burgers and patties recipe

Chef has been so excited to post this recipe it truly is so delicious and very addictive.

We really enjoyed eating these vegetarian burgers for our dinner, the burgers really are packed with flavour, even if you are not a vegetarian I can guarantee that you will not miss any meat when you eat this meal.

You can either griddle/pan fry the mix into vegetarian patties that have a more softer texture and flavour or you can cook the mix in your oven for vegetarian burgers.

Chef has made both versions of the vegan burger today to show you the difference between the two.

You can eat the burgers on a lovely bread roll with a dressing of your choice and salad.


2 Cups Buckwheat
1 Cup Green split peas
1 Red pepper/capsicum (diced very small)
1 medium Onion (diced very small)
2 Carrots (diced very small)
1 Green Chilli (de-seeded + diced finely)
4-5 Small Garlic Cloves + 2Inch Fresh Ginger (chopped + blended together with a drop of water)
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1/2 tsp Ground cumin
1/2 tsp Ground coriander
1/4 tsp Turmeric
1/4 tsp Garam masala
1/4 tsp Paprika
Ground black pepper
Ground ground oats

How to make vegetarian burgers/ patties

First cook the carrots in some water until soft.

Rinse the buck wheat, bring to the boil in salted water then simmer for 5-6 minutes or until the buckhwheat has gone soft and swells - drain and leave to the side.

Rinse the split peas, put the peas into the pressure cooker with some water, bring to the boil then turn heat right down and cook for 7-10 minutes - drain and again leave to the side.

Split Peas

Put the oil in a pan with the onions and fry for a few minutes, you do not want to brown the onions and fully cook them, you want the onions slightly cooked so they do not have that raw onion taste.

Turn the heat right down then add the garlic/ginger and all the powdered spices apart from paprika and black pepper - turn off the heat.

Blend/grind up the split peas and 3/4 of your buckwheat.

Place into a bowl add some salt and black pepper to season, mix well.

Stir the green chillis, carrots and diced red pepper/capsicum into the spiced onion.

Mix well then add to the bowl of buckwheat and mix well again.

Add the rest of the buckwheat, mix well.

Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge now for approx 20-30 minutes, longer if you like.

Put some ground oats into a bowl.

Take some of the vegetarian burger mix into your hands and shape into patties.

Place the patties gently into the ground oats then turn and coat them on the other side.

For the softer textured vegetarian pattie, place on a lightly greased griddle/frying pan.

Let the burgers cook for a few minutes before you try to turn them over.

You can shape the patties with a spatula as you cook them.

Cook until browned on both sides.

To make your vegetarian burgers heat up your oven to 200C.

Lightly grease a baking tray.

You can make the pattie shapes or make the mix into round shaped balls for the oven - either way both will turn into burgers in the oven in the same way so do which ever you find easiest.

Chef made both balls and pattie shapes.

After 10-15 minutes the burgers will all look the same, they will have cooked almost like cookies look.

Turn the burgers over then place back in the oven for 5 minutes or until browned a little more.

The vegetarian buckwheat burgers are ready to eat.

Serve on bread, with salad or just as they are.

We ate our vegetarian burgers with a beetroot salad.

The burgers are simply delicious no matter how you eat them.

Enjoy Chefs vegetarian buckwheat burger/ patties recipe.


Deepa Hari said...

Lovely Veggie patties Jeena...Nice recipe...Buck wheat sounds new to me...Where do u get it?

Anh said...

I love the look of your patties. ANd the step-step instruction is very helpful, too.

Manjula said...

Thats a great whole grain burgers. Guess I will just munch on those for a evening snack. I never cooked Buckwheat, always wondered what to do with it. Looks nice and pearly after cooking.

I have some rolled oats, I don't like the porridge. Do you have any recipes, preferrably low fat. I am sure you do. Help me pleazzzze

Finla said...

Lovely veggie burger. When i was a teenager we used to go to a coffee shp and eat a lot of these patties, but then it was made without the split peas.
As always the step by step pic is great

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Deepa I am in the UK so I can buy buck wheat from certain supermarkets or health food shops. I hope you manage to get some it tastes lovely. :)

Hey Anh thankyou for the comment. :)

Manjula buck wheat is delicious I am sure you will love it, let me know if you make the patties/burgers. I am making oat recipe soon Manjula so its funny you asked about it. :D

The Bhandari's said...

recipe sounds great and very tempting, looks like worth trying, will love to do so this weekend but it has a ingredient which is very new to me i.e. Buck Wheat, don't know what it is and where I will find it, Jeena am also in UK can you please suggest me some supermarket where I can find this, do you think Tesco will be having this
thanks for the great recipe

Chef Jeena said...

Hi The Bhandari's :) I know you can definatly get buck wheat from asda, it is possible tesco may sell buckwheat but it doesn't look like the other supermarkets sell it ... as I have looked. :) You could try any near by health shops also. Asda definatly sell it though. Let me know how it goes. :)

FH said...

How beautiful.Looks absolutely delicious.Buck wheat and lentils makes it super healthy!:))

Foodie said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. You too have amazing blog with all the healthy recipes.
I am sure gonna try the veggie burger patty. I also posted a similar article on the Daily Tiffin blog by Meeta of Whats for lunch honey. I have the link for the article on my blog.
My passion is also food. I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and coming up with healthy versions. Since I am a vegetarian you will find all the healthy vegetarian recipes on my blog.

Viji said...

This sounds healthy and nutritious Jeena. Lovely photos. I too use oats for coating. Have one post ready to post :) Viji

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

excellent Jeena..cent percent oil free stuff!!!..great me, if ever someone happens to ask u, "Jeens, is ur blogsite haunted???...tell them most proudly, .."Yes it is!!", as there is one hell of a ghost in me, who keeps coming back for more here!!

Seena said...

I missed this post. Very good one. would love to try it.

Raaga said...

lovely stuff Jeena

Lissie said...

lovely burger patties! all praise to buckwheat!!

Padma said...

They are so good looking and healthy burgers, I have to try this at any cost...lovely post Jeena! Bmk'd it

SeeC said...

Superb Jeena.
Very healthy one. A Must try.

Pictures are excellent.

Ella said...

Hi Jeena,Thank you so much for your recipe,I love Buckwheat and veggie patty is very good idea,Thank you again,

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious, I've had buckwheat sitting in the cupboard but didn't know what to do with it. The pictures really helped. Going to try these out at my BBQ tonight. Thank you!