Sunday 16 September 2007

Vegetable Noodle Surprise

I really enjoyed cooking this easy to make vegetable noodle recipe.

Not only was it wonderful watching all the lovely colours come together, but it is absolutely an amazing tasting dish! The warm red chilli, the sweetness of the corn, leek and red pepper, the green fruitiness of the cabbage and that fabulous splash of soy sauce is totally mouth watering.

You really do need all the ingredients used to enjoy the finished dish, the combination is just too special to change.

This will be the best vegetable noodles you have ever tasted, I promise you that!

I serve it in a cabbage leaf bowl - you can't beat being able to eat your bowl along with your meal.

This recipe is really simple to make so go ahead and give Jeenas vegetable noodle surprise a go as it is very healthy and so very good for you.

1 Packet Noodles (I used egg noodles)
3 Savoy Cabbage Leaves (washed)
1 Pointed Sweet Red Pepper
1 Large Flat Mushroom
1 Corn Cob
1/2 Red Onion
1/2 Small Leek (bottom half only/white part)
2 Small/Medium Carrots
1 Red Chilli (sliced into rings with seeds kept in)
Soy Sauce
Olive Oil
Salt + Black Pepper

First Chop your carrots into thin strips, chop your onion into thin slices. Cut your sweet pepper into rings and discard the seeds. Wash your leek and chop it up, chop your mushroom in half then cut into thin slices. Be careful when cutting vegetables fine.

In a pan of salted boiling water place your corn cob, cook for approx 5 minutes then take out - put it on a plate for later. Leave the water in your pan for your noodles.
Pour some olive oil into a large pan/wok and add your carrots and red onions.

Put your noodles into your water then place your cabbage leaves on top. Let them simmer while your finish off your vegetables (you can keep dipping the leaves in the water with a fork a little if they are quite big).

Add your leeks, then take a knife and gently cut your sweet corn off the cob - it should come off easily. Now add your sweetcorn, chilli and red pointed pepper. Cook and stir well then ad your mushrooms.

Turn off your noodles and cabbage. Take out your leaves onto a plate, take one cabbage leaf and cut in half, then cut into fine strips and add to your vegetables. Drain your noodles. Add a sprinkle of salt and crushed/ground black peppercorns (remember soy sauce is salty so don't go too heavy on the salt).

Drizzle in some soy sauce and mix well.

Add your noodles and stir well, chop them a little with your spatula mix. Depending on the size of your packet of noodles - only add half the noodles at a time, you don't want a huge amount of noodles than vegetables.

Take your other leaves and put them onto some plates and place your vegetable noodles inside your leaf.

Enjoy Jeenas Vegetable Noodle Surprise.


" Word is out already that people are making this wonderful recipe !!! "

I have put a link below from a web visitor who has put this recipe to the test and the results were excellent, they were very impressed !

Click here for wonderfuldestiny wonderful blog who has also made this recipe.


Wonderful Destiny said...

Oh my! What a delicious recipe of noodles. My husband loves the simple noodles I make. I am sure he will be thrilled when I make your version. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks, Jeena!

Finla said...

Love Noodles.
Good recipe

Lissie said...

jeena, my vote was for veg noodles. i love noodle dishes! wonderful pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeena -- WOW !!!

This dish has been worth waiting for as I love it :-)

btw I voted for this dish, your recipe is excellent and the pics were brilliant. I love your blog, thanks for providing so much information.

Your such a great chef Jeena :-)

We love you, like so many other Jeena fans :-).. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!! we will be back.

from Hannah and Kevin.

MR said...

Jeena ur recipes are so easy to make , love the step by step pics.

Shivapriya said...

Hey Jeena, You have a great blog. I'm really happy u dropped by. Noodles are my all time fav's. Its a comfort food for me. Love the way u presented and step by step illustrations. I will keep visiting from now.

Sharmi said...

Thanks for the delicious treat Jeena! the presentation is awesome and the recipe simply rocks. I am a big fan of noodles.your pics tempt me.

Deepa Hari said...

Lovely Noodles Jeena...Its simple too...Will try it ur way...

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Deepthi and Jeff thankyou for stopping by my blog. If your hubby loves noodles I am sure he will olve this recipe mine certainly did. Do please let me know how it goes Deepthi I'd love to hear from you. :)

Hey Happy cook thanks for the comment. :)

Lissie thankyou for voting I'm glad you like my noodle recipe. :)

Hi Hannah and Kevin thankyou for such a lovely comment. It means a lot to me to get kind words like this, thankyou. :)

mallurecipes why not give a recipe a go? :)

Shivapriya thankyou for visiting my blog I'm glad you like my recipes I will be visiting your lovely blog too. :)

Hey Sharmi let me know if you give it a go I'd love to hear from you. :) Thanks for the lovely comment.

Richa said...

that looks YUM :)
i like the the way u served it, looks very nice.

Nayan said...

Hi Jeena,

Your 'Vegetable Noodle Surprise' looks yummy. I am going to try it out soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added your blog in my links.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Anu and Lakshmi Thankyou both for your lovely comments. I deleted them by accident. :( Sorry.

Hi Richa thankyou for the lovely comment. :)

Nayan thankyou for visiting my blog. Do let me know how it goes I'd love to hear you. I'm sure you will love it this recipe is delicious.:)

Mansi said...

lovely noodles Jeena...the pics are great as always! and I love the corn part:)

Kribha said...

Colorful, healthy, delicious ....I can keep adding more. I voted for this dish too. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Seena said...

soooo colorful Jeena,
My 4 year old boy says "wow, yummy"!

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

hi jeena,
luved ur cabbage bowl..

Padma said...

SO colorful Jeena, N that looks fantabulous too! wish I was ur neighbour

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Mansi I love corn too. :)

Kribha thankyou for voting I am glad you like the recipe. :)
Hi Seena how cute! It's great when kids like the veggies. :)

Hey Sona glad you liked the cabbage bowl! :)

Padma you would be welcome for tea andbiscuits if you were. :D

Wonderful Destiny said...


All I wanted to do this week in the kitchen was to make noodles with your recipe. Finally, after four days, I got the time to make it today. Jeff and I just had our dinner. I am too full to move and Jeff said he liked it a lot!

Wonderful Destiny said...

Jeena: After four days of patiently waiting to have time to cook, I made the noodles for dinner. Jeff and I enjoyed it a lot. I updated my blog as well with your noodles info. Keep those wonderful recipes coming!

Cris said...

Oh I love this idea of using the leaves as a bowl for the noodles, I am here going through your whole blog!!! Great recipes, thanks for visiting!

sdf said...


That was a lovely recipe for making noodles, and I am going to try your version soon.
All the pics do the your blog. u seem to have lotta patience to take so many pics for a dish.. Great girl..

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and has everything one could dream of. I have to make this for dinner tomorrow or Friday. We have become veggie lovers so.....
Thanks Jeena

Unknown said...

Really delecious !! very easy to cook. My hubby and his colleages also liked it. Thanks Jeena