Saturday 24 March 2007


Once you have made home cooked hummus you will never buy it from a shop again.

You can make hummus with tinned chickpeas here:

Gently heat and simmer the chickpeas for a few minutes then turn off.

Add 1 garlic, squeeze of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of tahini with a tablespoon of olive oil, blend for 10 seconds then add the chick peas with some more olive oil or a little water.

The hummus should be quite thick so don't use too much water just a splash, blend until it resembles a thick paste.

Serve in a dish or on a plate with salad, bread, carrot sticks or whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jeena,

Your blog is great, I love all these healthy recipes.

I tried making the humous and it was perfect ! Keep up the good work and bring on more recipes, we are all eyes over here in New york.

Your cooking is fab ane very healthy.

Chef Jeena said...

Hi there, Thankyou for your post I'm glad you liked the hummus recipe. I will be updating all the time so please come back. :)

Fiber said...

I agree with you - you'll completely forget about buying hummus at the grocery store once you make your own.
I'm obsessed with it, and I think I have about 15 different variations and recipes on my site.
Thanks for visiting 28 Cooks!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi fiber, the first time I made hummus my husband loved it now I cook it for him all the time, my kids love it too :)

Seena said...

Living here, hummus has been one of my kid's favourite..will post my version later. pls mail me in the mail address given in the blog. will send the tamarind paste recipe soon..

The Curly Cook said...

Hi Jeena,
The hummus recipe is great...I've had some failed attempts before, but this one is a keeper. Thanks for visiting Curly Cook and be sure to come back again :)

Chris said...

Why would you ever buy hummous again if you can make it at home?

I love it.

Your recipe is pretty similar to ours, which is here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Recipe! Love your site.
Hummus is so easy to make, yet so expensive at the store. Thanks for saving me some money & helping with me good health. :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Christine thank you for stopping by my blog. Hummus is really great homemade I am glad you like the recipe.
Jeena :-)