Thursday 29 March 2007

Double Bean Dinner

I usually cook this dish with some Coley Fish but it is nice on it's own too so I thought I would post it for you.

1 Green Pepper/Capsicum(sliced)
1 Red Onion(cut into rings)
Hand Full of Mushrooms (quartered)
3-4 Medium Carrots(sliced)
Pinch Curry Leaves Dried
tsp Turmeric
Inch Chunk Fresh Ginger
1 Garlic Clove
Olive Oil
Half Tin Chick Peas
Half Tin Flageolet Beans
Pinch Black Pepper
A Few Fresh Coriander Leaves

First grind the ginger and garlic in the mortar and pestle.

Then add the turmeric and a splash of olive oil and mix into a paste - put to the side for later.

Put separate pan on and heat up both tined beans in the pan, drain once cooked and leave to add to your main at the end.
Fry the onions on a hot heat for a few minutes

Add the chopped carrots and fry for a few more minutes. Then add the curry leaves and ginger paste, mix thoroughly and add a little water to separate it all.

Then add the chopped green peppers, mushrooms and sprinkle of ground pepper and cook on a medium heat.

Once it looks almost cooked add a little fresh coriander and the beans. Cook for a few more minutes. Enjoy:)


FH said...

Looks and sounds like a very nutritious and tasty dish:))

Enjoy Jeena and have a great weekend:)

TNL said...

Now that is one colorful plate...who wouldn't want to eat it if it looks this good?


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Asha and Trupti :) Thankyou for the comments , it would have looked better with the fish but I had none in :( It's funny because I eat a lot of beans and pulses etc but they ae so hard I think to get nice pictures of...

Sharmi said...

hey Jeena, the stepwise pics looks so yummy and delicious looking. the combi of all that veggies and beans I loved it!! Must be a real party in ur mouth.


Chef Jeena said...

Hey Sharmi, thankyou! It did taste lovely because I only really used turmeric in it you could REALLY taste the ginger! Which was great because I love the somehow fruitiness of ginger when cooked in certain things :)

Rajee said...


Thanks lot, Jeena. U can try my other recipes and send me ur feedback.

Ur recipes look so healthy enough for us to eat with....

But hmmmmmmm........... Hard to try it or Lazy to try it. Will u pls give me some?

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Rajee Thankyou for visiting :)