Sunday, 30 August 2009

Pear cheesecake recipe

This is my pear cheesecake recipe

Pear cheesecake recipe.

Chef really enjoyed making this pear cheese cake recipe.

It makes a change to top a cheesecake with pears rather than strawberries or raspberries.

Chef tops the cheesecake with poached pears that are covered in a pear cider syrup, this in combination with a delicious creamy cheese cake filling and a hint of lemon in the crust tastes amazing.

Simply make Chefs easy baked cheese cake recipe and top with Chefs cold sweet poached pears recipe for the most wonderful pear cheesecake that you will ever taste.

How to make a pear cheese cake

Just simply make Chefs cheesecake base by clicking the link here:

Easy baked cheese cake recipe

Cheesecake ready for the oven.

Baked cheesecake ready for the pear topping.

Take poached pears out of the syrup and slice.

Poached pears recipe

Slice the cheesecake and carefully place the pear slices on top of each individual cheesecake piece.

This looks nice with each pear slice over lapped like a fan.

If desired you can drizzle some of the pear syrup around the cheesecake on the plate.

Enjoy Chefs pear cheesecake recipe.


Lorrie said...

This is just sinfully delicious!

Lorrie (from ReadNEat)

Seena said...

Hey my cake expert, that looks delicious! I love that baking pan, which always give good results, isn't it..? :)
How are you, no news? :)

Babli said...

You have presented very beautifully with delicious and mouth watering pictures of cheese cake. I love very much and shall try your recipe.

Parita said...


Gita said...

That looks so delicious...feel like grabbing that plate right from the picture :)

Yasmeen said...

Perfect!Pears look equally delish :)

Hannah said...

Those tender pears on top look so tempting... Now all of a sudden, I really want poached pears!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Great texture on that cheesecake! :D

Palidor said...

Chef Jeena, your cheesecake came out of the oven looking so perfect! Not even the slightest crack. Amazing!

s said...

drool drool!!! beautiful pics

Erica said...

owww looks so creamy. I've never seen pears used in a cheescake recipe- great idea :)

Jennifer said...

Wow that sounds perfect for the coming Fall season! Ive not had pear with cheesecake before, only apple but this is something I would love to try!

Juliana said...

Yummie, this cheesecake with pear look so delicious, light and refreshing :-)

Orce Serrano Hams said...

This looks incredibly delicious! Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

The cheesecake looks so good and perfect! No cracks at all!! Perfect texture! I would love to have a slice of this!