Monday, 18 May 2009

Naan Bread Recipe (How to make naan bread)

How to make naan bread

Chefs naan bread recipe is simple to bake and taste fantastic with any curry or daal recipe.

You can use plain all purpose flour or white spelt flour - both turn out delicious.

Like wise you can use most milks with this recipe and which ever choice of yogurt you like - in other words it can be milk yogurt or soya yogurt by choice not (flavoured yogurts).

This naan bread recipe takes less than 10 minutes to bake in the oven sometimes 5 minutes if the oven is very hot.

There is something really satisfying about baking fresh naan breads, they are easy to make and because you eat them fresh and warm from the oven you feel like a real homemaker.

Why not taste Chef Jeenas tasty naan breads for yourself next time you cook a delicious curry recipe?

Ingredients for Naan Bread Recipe

2 large cups Plain Flour
3 Tbsp Fresh Yogurt
1 Sachet Instant Yeast (7g)
1 Tbsp Oil
1 tsp Salt
1 + 1/2 tsp Sugar
1/4 cup Milk
drop Hot Water

Picture of how easy the freshly baked naan bread tears in half to reveal a soft bread pocket inside.

How to make Naan Bread

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl.

Make a little well in the centre of the dry mixture and add the oil and yogurt - do not mix yet.

Take the milk and very carefully pour in tiny drops of hot water until the milk is tepid (warm not hot).

Add the milk little by little into the flour mixture until you get a dough - knead very well.

Cover the bowl with a clean damp tea towel or plastic wrap and keep in a warm place until it doubles in size - usually 30 minutes.

Knead slightly and cut the naan bread dough into pieces and roll each piece of dough into an oval shape.

The thinner you roll out the bread dough the quicker it will cook.

Place naan breads onto a greased and floured baking tray and place into a hot oven at 230C or Gas mark 9 for 5-10 minutes until cooked.

Remove from the tray straight away and serve warm.

Try wrapping the naan breads in a clean tea towel or tin foil to keep warm for your meal.

You can serve plain or with a knob of butter/margarine.

Enjoy Chef Jeenas naan bread recipe.

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Parita said...

Wow naan looks perfect..i love to top it with butter :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What beautiful Naans! That's something I still have to try making...



Finla said...

Wow jeen that looks so so perfect and so yumm.
When eve ri make them it doesn't come out that good, i have given up.

Parita said...

Hi Jeena..have got something very special for you on my blog..pls do visit dear :)

Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

That is so cool; another baking venture I have yet to try!

vanillasugarblog said...

I am printing this. I love love love Naan, and spend way too much money on it.
Adding curry is just plain awesomeness!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Fluffy naan and when tore apart I could see the 2 thin layers wow with a lil cream and a hot curry mmm One can never want more!!!

rahin said...

Definitely on my to do list ....always wanted to make them at home ...urs is a gud recipe

Anonymous said...


How much is a large cup? Can you tell me in metric please?


Chef Jeena said...

Thank you everyone for the great feedback.

Ralph, I would usually weigh ingredients using my scales so next time I make them I will put the measurements on in grams and ounces.

If you are in the UK and drink tea just fill up your mug to the top and consider that a cup.

If you need any help with anymore of my recipes feel free to email me at

Thanks, Jeena.

Anonymous said...

So easy! I've wanted to make Naan bread but have never come across a recipe. Yay! Now I have one.

Cynthia said...

Oh Jeena, yours came out perfect! I've bookmarked it to make.

Gita Jaishankar said...

wow...they do look delicious with the melted butter on top...yum :)

Pooja said...

Perfect naans! Esp loved the shot in which a cube of butter melts over the hot naan..tempting!

Bridgett ~ La Bella Cook said...

Less than 10 minutes and it looks that fabulous? I am definitely giving this Naan recipe a try. Beautiful!

A_and_N said...

Oh wow! Naans! A fave :)

Try rubbing some garlic butter or sauteeing garlic in butter and dropping it on the naans. They are brilliant :)

jenn said...

Hi Jeena

Tried your naan recipe out with my keema the other night and just wanted to say it turned out absolutely perfect!

It didn't look much like yours, yours seem lighter and thinner whereas mine were fluffier(?), but omygoodness everything about it tasted right & we couldn't get enough! I've posted photos on my blog, feel free to have a nosy :)

Thanks for the simply brilliant recipe!

Ria Mathew said...


niagaragirl said...

Thanks! I will be trying this in a few weeks. The family has been bugging me for something curry ;-)

Aussie-girl said...

Hello Jeena,
I have just made your naan breads. Although they tasted great, they 'puffed up' like little balloons and were not soft. I followed your recipe faithfully, but, what am I doing wrong please?


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Diane,

Could you be rolling the dough out too thin or over cooking the breads? It sounds like you have a hot oven.

In a hot oven these breads can take as little as 5 minutes to cook, especially if rolled out thin.

Everyone's oven is different so I would check how the breads look and feel after 3-4 minutes in a very hot oven.

You will be surprised how naan breads like this can cook.

Thanks, Jeena.

Unknown said...

Do you have to use yoghurt or could you use cream?

nic said...

This recipe is simple, and amazing. Best naan ive had, and ive never baked anything. Im so proud of its taste and look that I took pictures. Definitely coming back to this site.

Annieanne said...

What a great recipe! Very straight forward & produced lovely fluffy naans......will definitely make them again.

Zoƫ said...

I've been looking for a flexible vegan recipe for naan for ages! Thanks! Is it okay to freeze the naan-sized dough pieces to be used on later dates?