Monday, 1 September 2008

4 Days to Go... Join Jeenas Foodie Event!

There is just 4 days to go now until the ending day for Jeenas Kitchen Fishing Trip Event!

Just click the link here Fishing Trip Event and follow the few easy steps.

Join in this tasty foodie ev
ent and send in your delicious fish or seafood recipe!

Event closing date is 5th September.

Get cooking and join in the fun!


Ivy said...

I posted a fish recipe again a few days ago but I thought that the event had closed. If you can accept it I can make the correction in the post and send you the link;

Jeena said...

Hi Ivy, this event was intended for one recipe per entry. I can't wait to come and see your other fish recipe though. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow I fished when I was a lot younger, this sounds so cool. Wish I could attend!