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Food Blog Events

This food recipe event was so much fun to do.

We all know that we can relate good food to memories and special people in our lives.

Here we have a fabulous round up of delicious recipes and peoples fond memories.

Make sure you visit all of the entries to Jeenas foodie event as they are all amazing and so diverse, you too will love them.

See below all entries:

Nasi Lemak
(Coconut flavored steamed rice)

Lynn has entered her favourite Nasi Lemak recipe passed down by her mother, aunts and grandma. She explains what Nasi Lemak is in detail and talks about her family cooking this delicious steamed rice recipe with such fondness.

Lynn's tasty steamed rice dish is cooked using rich coconut milk and is served along side dried anchovies, sambal or chicken or fish otah.

It sure does look very tasty so why not go and check out Lynns wonderful family recipe post for yourself?

See Nasi Lemak Recipe Here

Picture of Lynns nasi lemak recipe.


Strawberry and Pineapple Parfait Recipe

Lisa has entered a beautiful Strawberry and Pineapple Parfait Recipe that her lovely Nana used to make for her. Lisa has adapted this recipe to how she can remember and I am sure it tastes just as fabulous as her Nana's recipe.

Lisa uses Nilla Wafers and low fat yogurt and whip to produce a delicious low fat dessert topped with fresh strawberries. It sounds pretty amazing to me and looks like the perfect low fat dessert to enjoy anytime.

Why not go check out Lisa's story about this recipe by stopping by her blog to check this delicious recipe out.

See Strawberry and Pineapple Parfait Recipe Here

Picture of Lisa's strawberry pineapple parfait recipe.


Methi Leaves Dosa and Unndi Recipe

Suma has entered a wonderful Methi Leaves Dosa and Unndi Recipe which is very special to her and a big favourite in her kitchen.

Suma reminisces about her family in Kerala and Mumbai when cooking this delicious recipe. She talks about when her family cook these recipes that it feels like they are showing their love towards her.

Sumas recipe uses ground soaked rice along with tamarind, spices, coconut and fresh methi leaves. It sounds very tasty and looks just as delicious.

Why not check out Sumas post about her this family favourite recipe?

See Methi Leaves Dosa and Unndi Recipe Here

Picture of Suma's methi leaves dosa recipe.

Picture of Suma's unndi recipe.


Besan Puri Recipe

Priti has entered tasty Besan Puri Recipe which she cooks using besan flour, chilli and saunf. This is a great recipe that can be cooked easy and quick just as she says on her food blog.

Priti shares very fond memories of her mother, sisters and friends when she cooks her delicious besan puri recipe.
She speaks of enjoying eating her fresh hot besan puris so much that it will make you want to cook and eat one too.

Why not go and check out Pritis blog for yourself and read her family story about cooking this wonderful recipe
. It sure looks like one tasty treat to me.

See Besan Puri Recipe Here

Picture of Priti's besan puri recipe.


Esh al bulbul Recipe (Konafa with nut)

Meedo has entered a wonderful Esh al bulbul Recipe which is eaten at the Islamic month of Ramadan with her family. Meedo and her sister Zainab enjoy this delicious recipe every year with family and friends.

Meedos Esh al bulbul recipe uses Konafa which is a shredded pastry used in Arabic cooking. It is baked with nuts dipped in a delicious orange blossom or rose water syrup.

Meedo shares a blog with her sister Zainab who both cook fantastic Arabic recipes.

I know you will love this fabulous recipe so why not go check it out for yourself?

SeeEsh al bulbul Recipe Here

Picture of Meedos Esh al bulbbul recipe.


Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Recipe

Giz entered a beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Recipe. This delicious cake recipe uses fresh rhubarb and strawberry jello with sour cream to produce a delicious cake that is finished off with a lovely cinnamon and walnut streusel topping.

Giz talks about how merely reading the hand written recipe brings a smile to her face of the memories it brings back of her parents having friends around to visit. This cake looks so tasty and I know you will just love to read her story about cooking this wonderful recipe.

See Strawberry Rhubarb Cake Recipe Here

Picture of Giz's strawberry rhubarb cake recipe.


Noodles with Peanut Sauce Recipe

JZ has entered a tantalizing Noodles with Peanut Sauce Recipe. Her fabulous recipe uses fresh carrots and spring onions with a sauce including creamy peanut butter, soy sauce and sesame oil in the ingredients, delicious.

JZ talks about how any form of pasta brings back such fond childhood memories of eating noodles. Her noodles and peanut sauce recipe looks so very tasty indeed and you will love to hear her memory of it.

See Noodles with Peanut Sauce Recipe Here

Picture of JZ's noodles with peanut sauce recipe.


Chocolate Glazed Oatmeal and Peanut Bar Recipe

Prudy has entered a fabulous Chocolate Glazed Oatmeal and Peanut Bar Recipe. She uses a tasty home baked peanut butter cookie mix, spreads warms peanut butter over the top and finishes with a silky chocolate glaze.

Prudy talks about how her and her sister used to indulge in these delicious peanut bars whilst both being pregnant.

It brings back great memories for Prudy when she cooks this wonderful recipe, you really must read her story about her memories of cooking this recipe.

See Chocolate Glazed Oatmeal and Peanut Bar Recipe Here

Picture of Prudy's chocolate glazed oatmeal and peanut bars recipe.


Burnt Garlic Tomato Chutney Recipe

Bharti has entered a wonderful Burnt Garlic Tomato Chutney Recipe. She cooks down fresh tomatoes and adds fresh toasted garlic and chilli to produce this tantalizing dish.

Bharti used to love eating this recipe cooked by her mother. Her recipe sounds and looks amazing so you must go check it out.

See Burnt Garlic Tomato Chutney Recipe

Picture of Bharti's burnt garlic tomato chutney recipe.


Athirasam Recipe

Dhivya Vikram has entered a fabulous Athirasam Recipe. Her delicious recipe uses deep fried ground rice and a lovely jaggery and cardamon syrup.

Dhivya speaks of her grandmother cooking these delicious Indian sweets at festivals. This is one of her favourite recipes and I sure can see why as they look fantastic definitely a delicious sweet for me. Why not go check out Dhivyas story about her Athirasam and see how she cooks them on her blog.

See Athirasam Recipe Here

Picture of Dhivya Vikram's athirasam recipe.

Salad Nicoise Recipe

Lucy has entered a tasty Salad Nicoise Recipe. Lucy's husbands grandmother was French in origin and served this delicious salad for her whenever she visited.

Her fabulous salad nicoise recipe consists of baby red potatoes, boiled eggs, lettuce and much more, all topped off with a tasty dressing of olive oil, anchovies and balsamic vinegar.

Why not go check out Lucys story and full recipe to this delicious summer dish.

See Salad Nicoise Recipe Here

Picture of Lucys salad nicoise recipe.


Nanaimo Bars Recipe

Cheryl has entered a Lovely Nanaimo Bars Recipe. She got this delicious recipe from a friend who she has fond memories of, there was never any of the Nanaimo bars left when Cheryl and her freind cooked some because they tasted so good.

Her recipe is gluten and dairy free and uses a base of chopped nuts, a filling of soaked macadamia nuts and sweet rice flour and is covered with a delicious choclate topping.

Why not go check out Cheryls story and full recipe to this delicious healthy treat.

See Nanaimo Bar Recipe Here

Picture of Cheryls nanaaimo bar recipe.


Koupepeia me Lahana Recipe (Stuffed silver beat leaves recipe)

Ivy has entered a lovely stuffed silver beat leaves recipe. Cooking this recipe brings fonds memories of her mother in Cyprus.

Ivys recipe is similar to the stuffed vine leaves recipe dolmades, she uses silver beat leaves for her recipe and beef and rice for the stuffing. Also Ivy writes all about silver beat leaves on her post.

Ivys post is very interesting as she speaks about political events that happened in Cyprus a long time ago which Ivy feels very strong about. I can not comment about political events as I wish to stay "neutral", however I am sure you will have your own views and can judge for yourself.

Why not go check out Ivys memories and full recipe on her wonderful food blog.

See Stuffed Silverbeat Leaves Recipe Here

Picture of Ivys koupepeia me lahana recipe.


Chutney Pudi Recipe

Deepthi Shankar has entered a wonderful chutney pudi recipe. Her delicious recipe brings back memories of her mother cooking it and serving it for her with hot rice in her school days.

Deepthi's tasty chutney pudi recipe is made up of various ingredients including tamarind, coconut, curry leaves and bengal gram that are ground into a delicious lentil powder. serves this tasty recipe with rice, roti, dosa and more.

Why not go check out Deepthi's food blog to see her delicious post for yourself?

See Chutney Pudi Recipe Here

Picture of chutney pudi recipe.


Potato and Baby Shrimp Curry Recipe (Chena kuni recipe)

Vani has entered a tantilizing Potato and Baby Shrimp Curry Recipe. She talks about wonderful memories of her brothers and mother which are very heart warming.

Vani's recipe uses fresh or dried baby shrimps with poatoes and an aray of Indian spices to form her delicious curry recipe.

Please do visit her fabulous food recipe blog to read about her beautiful memories and tasty curry recipe.

See Potato and Baby Shrimp Curry Recipe Here

Picture of potato and shrimp curry recipe.


Tomato and Onion Chutney Recipe

Radhika has entered a delicious tomato onion chutney recipe. She talks about her grandmother picking fresh tomatoes from the garden to eat. Radhika has wonderful memories of lots of vegetables growing in her garden.

Her wonderful recipe is made up of tomatoes, urad dhal and mustard seeds to produce a delicious chutney as you can see on her picture.

Why not go and check out her full story and tasty recipe?

See Tomato Onion Chutney Recipe Here

Picture of Radhikas tomato onion chutney recipe.


Hash Brown Recipe

To see my very own entry to this lovely food event click the link below to find out more.

See Hash Brown Recipe Here

Picture of Jeenas potato hash brown recipe.



To everybody who entered their recipe into my food blogging event!

I really thoroughly enjoyed reading everybodies wonderful recipes and reading about those lovely heart felt memories you all have.

Please do stop by each and every blog on this food event round up as I know you will enjoy reading them so much.


Keep logging on to for more newly updated recipes and stay tuned for Jeenas new up and coming event very soon!


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