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Easy Food Recipes

A story about chicken recipes and chocolate cake recipes

Once upon a time there was a boy called Gordon Ramsey. Gordon lived with his mum and dad Delia Smith and Gordon Ramsey senior. Both Gordon's mother and father were celebrity chefs and did not spend much time at home because they were always busy cooking food recipes working as chefs in the restaurant kitchens. Gordon found this very upsetting, he wanted to spend some quality time with his parents but they were always too busy cooking recipes to notice him.

So one day when Gordon went to school he told his teacher how he missed his celebrity chef parents and how he wanted them to stop cooking food recipes and spend some time with him instead.

"Please miss what do I do? both my parents are celebrity chefs that only cook food recipes all day long and they do not spend any time with me?" Gordon Ramsey was desperate for his teacher to resolve the situation.

"Well Gordon Ramsey, I do know how your parents are celebrity chef's and I do understand that they cook food recipes all day long in the restaurant kitchens but when they come home from work do they still cook food recipes for you?" said Gordon Ramsey's school teacher.

Gordon was surprised at his teachers reply. He thought about it and realised that his dad and mum Delia smith never cooked recipes once they return home from work and that they only cooked food recipes in the restaurants.

"Miss, my mum and dad do not cook me food recipes when they come home from work, why is that?" asked a desperate Gordon Ramsey.

Gordon's teacher replied "If both your celebrity chef parents are too tired to cook you food recipes when they come home from work, and you want to spend more time with them then why don't you cook your parents a food recipe for when they get home from work, You could cook them beef recipes , chicken recipes , fish recipes or lamb recipes."

Gordon jumped for joy "what a fantastic idea" shouted Gordon Ramsey. Just then Gordon started to get all kinds of food recipe ideas through his head. He thought of beef pie recipes , beef stew recipes , roast lamb recipe , chicken recipes , fish recipes salmon recipes the list wen ton and on.

He was so excited to cook his celebrity chef parents a meal that all through the school day he could think of nothing but food recipes. At break time all Gordon talked about was cooking and food and ingredients and which recipe he was going to choose, at lunch time he talked even more about food recipes and which ingredients he wanted to use. By the end of the school day Gordon's friends were so tired of hearing him talk about cooking that they couldn't wait to go home away from him.

After school Gordon ran all the way home to go and look at some of his parents cook books for some recipe ideas. When he came to the book shelf he was stuck for choice because there were so many different cookbooks. There were Indian recipes , Chinese recipes , Mexican recipes , French recipes , Italian recipes , Moroccan recipes and so many more food recipes.

'Which type of recipe cuisine shall I pick' Gordon Ramsey said to himself. He thought about which recipe to pick for ten whole minutes until he finally decided "Indian recipes" shouted Gordon. So he opened up the Indian recipe cookbook and again he was stuck for choice. There were dosa recipes , onion bhajee recipes , samosa recipes , chicken curry recipes , lamb curry recipes , rice recipes , naan bread recipes , roti recipes , all curry recipes and so much more. Again Gordon thought about it for a whole ten minutes before making up his mind of which Indian recipe to cook for his parents. He finally decided to cook the one of the chicken curry recipes with naan bread.

Gordon Ramsey knew he had all the spices and ingredients to cook the chicken curry with, and he knew for sure that he had all the naan bread ingredients. But it suddenly dawned on him that there may not be any chicken left to cook with from the fridge. Gordon started to panic in the kitchen, he knew how his celebrity chef parents liked to cook chicken recipes. In fact all they ever talked about at work was chicken recipes this and chicken recipes that. Gordon just knew that when he opened up the fridge there would be no chicken left. But amazingly when he opened up the fridge there was some fresh chicken pieces in there. 'Fantastic' shouted Gordon, now he could get on and cook his celebrity chef parents a wonderful chicken curry recipe. Gordon had so much fun cooking and adding all the ingredients to the chicken curry. He thought to himself that maybe this is why his mum and dad loved to cook so much too, because it was fun to cook different food recipes. After the chicken curry recipe and naan bread recipe were cooked Gordon had some spare time left before his mum and dad returned home.

"Hmm maybe I could cook a sweet recipe to eat after the chicken curry and naan bread recipes?" Gordon thought to himself. So off he went to look at the cook books again. Gordon was astounded as he saw baking recipes , cake recipes , pudding recipes , dessert recipes and sweet recipes. Again Gordon sat for ten whole minutes thinking which recipe cookbook to use. Then he decided, he was going to bake a cake recipe, a chocolate cake recipe. So he looked through all the different kinds of chocolate cake recipes until he found the most perfect chocolate cake recipe ever. It looked so indulgent and delicious. But Gordon did not have long to go before his celebrity chef parents were coming home so he got started on the chocolate cake recipe straight away.

Gordon Ramsey mixed all the ingredients in a bowl for his chocolate cake recipe then he placed his cake into his oven and baked it , when the chcoclate cake was cooked Gordon left it to cool. Then he started to prepare his chocolate frosting recipe , he whipped all the ingredients up and spread the chocolate frosting recipe all over his finished chocolate cake. Gordon was so happy with himself, he was so satisfied and could not wait to see his parents faces when they saw he had cooked them a chicken curry recipe with naan bread and a chocolate cake recipe all by himself especially for them.

Then with that thought in mind Gordon heard the door go.

" Gordon we are home it is Delia Smith here your mum and Gordon Ramsey senior your dad, are your home son?" shouted Delia Gordon's mum.

"Yes I am home mum and dad and I am in the dining room waiting for you." said Gordon to his parents.

Gordon's mum and dad could smell the delicious chicken curry recipe as they walked into the house and wondered why they could smell such delicious freshly cooked food. When they walked into the dining room they saw a huge bowl of freshly cooked rice , a huge bowl of chicken curry , a plate of naan bread , a dish with mango chutney and onion chutney and in the centre of the table a huge delicious chocolate cake.

"WOW Gordon it look like you have been so busy, were did you find chicken curry recipes and naan bread recipes and chocolate cake recipes?" said Gordons dad

Gordon explained how he wanted to spend more time with them both so his school teacher told Gordon to cook his parents a delicious meal, he told them how he looked all through their cookbook collection to find the best chicken curry recipes and the best chocolate cake recipes.

Gordon watched his parents Gordon Ramsey and Delia Smith eat up all of his chicken curry and naan bread and rice and chutneys, and the he watched them both eat all of his wonderful chocolate cake. He felt so good that they had enjoyed eating his home cooked recipes. Now Gordon understood why his parents loved to work in the restaurant so much. He knew why they loved to cook food so much and how enjoyable cooking food recipes could be. Gordon declared that when he goes to college he wanted to train to be a celebrity chef just like his parents so he coul join them both in the restaurant kitchens to cook more exciting food recipes.

It was a great lesson to be learnt from all this cooking and all these food recipes. And to show their appreciation to Gordon's school teachers Delia Smith told her friend Nigella Lawson and together they baked some bread recipes , cookie recipes and apple pie recipes and took all the food to Gordon's school teacher as a big thank you.

All of the family of celebrity chefs lived happily ever after cooking chicken recipes and chocolate cake recipes in their food restaurant.

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