Thursday, 10 January 2008

Health Bar Recipe (Healthy Flapjacks Recipe)

Lets get healthy and enjoy a "home baked treat" that is so very good for you!

My delicious Health Bar Recipe snack is also known as Flapjacks!

This is a very healthy recipe that I like to bake often, not only for it's wonderful taste but for the high Iron and B Vitamin content that will give you a real energy boost, great for busy people OR hard working busy mums/food blogger .. me !! :-) .

I do not use any sugar in this recipe as I only use molasses and fruit to sweeten these health bars and the result is the perfect sweetness that is good for you.

The textures of crunchiness and chewiness and the lovely flavour of the molasses is just adorable and I know you will love them too as the taste is outstanding.

Jeenas health bars is a healthy treat to snack on that will leave you feeling very satisfied this is because they are very nutritious, my healthbar recipe are so tasty that you will want to eat up the lot in one go....

So let's now enter Jeena's Kitchen and let's get baking- enjoy !

Ingredients for Jeenas flapjack (health bar) recipe:

3 Large Tbsp Molasses
2 Level Tbsp Low Fat Margarine
1 Cup Oats
Pinch Sultanas
Pinch Raisins
2 Handfuls Pumpkin Seeds
8 Dates (stones removed and chopped)

Getting Started on Jeenas Health Bar Recipe..

In a bowl mix your margarine and molasses smooth.

Add your oats, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sultanas and dates and mix thoroughly so all ingredients are coated well.

Grease a baking tray and pour all your health bar mixture into the middle of the baking tray.

With two spoons flatten roughly into a flat square shape.

Now use a biscuit cutter or flat knife to straighten all the sides out and flatten the top evenly.

Using your flat cutter divide the flapjack mixture into 5 strips, move the cutter from side to side and make the top even.

Now use the same method to cut one line straight through your 5 health bars.

Place in a pre -heated oven at 180C for 20-25 minutes depending on the heat of your oven. Keep checking on them. Do remember that these are health bars made with molasses so they will be dark in colour.

When they are cooked leave the health bars to cool on the tray. You do this to keep the shape of the flapjack, if you remove them from the tray whilst hot they will crumble.

Enjoy your delicious flapjack health bars.

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I hope you enjoyed Jeenas "Health Bar Recipe".

Healthy baking can be good for you as you can see from this tasty healthy bar recipe and you do not have to buy them from the shops to enjoy the wonderful home cooked taste.

Have you ever made home made health bars ? How would you like to bake yours ?

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Nags said...

wow! that IS healthy :D

Mansi Desai said...

I make my own fruit and date bars too Jeena..they are so much better than the store-bought ones, right?:)

btw, I'm hosting a new event on my blog so check back in and send in a simple veggie entry:)

Aparna said...

These are good.
BTW, How do you manage to make everything and take so many pics at the same time? :)

Happy cook said...

Well it indeed looks healthy. I would have called them energy bar :-) I am sure if you have one of them you will have loads of energy to surive a diffuclt day.
I have looked here for Molasses. As i have seen lot of recipes using them. But have never found the. I've seen golden syrup.

shriya said...

This looks very yummy and healthy.I love the way you explained each and every step with pictures.Kudos! for your great effort.Very nice pics.

Dhivya said...

jus remebered that I had made one too and not yet posted ! Good one Jeena :) healthy and scrumptious

Rosie said...

These are the real deal Jeena!! I love flapjacks and yours are packed with so much goodness :D

Another great recipe from Jeena's Kitchen!

I like the idea of Molasses, which give that wonderful dark richness, you ARE a fantastic cook/baker!

Rosie x

Sagari said...

wonderful jeena i will try those soon and let u know how they turnedout

Julie said...

Those look really good and healthy Jeena and loaded with fiber. I bet the molasses gives them a real nice flavor.

Anonymous said...

can dark brown sugar be used instead of molasses?

Jeena said...

Hi annonymous, using molasses gives the health bar a chewy texture and a dark toffee flavour.

You could use golden syrup instead - the flavour would be quite different but it still will taste nice.

Kribha said...

Sure is very healthy and looks gorgeous. I'm not sure if I'll get molasses though.

Anonymous said...

I put some mashed banana and ginger into the mix instead of dried fruit, they were really lovely, the molasses give a great flavour. Thanks

StylistBrighton said...

This recipe came up top of the google ratings and i am glad it did. These bars look great and i cant wait to try them.

Jo said...

Thanks for the recipe. It looks very delicious and healthy, Will try it out. Great pics btw!