Monday, 26 November 2007

Tips For Olive Oil

We all know that sometimes when we pour oil out it can come flooding out faster than we want, sometimes when we buy special dispensers it can still come out faster than what we intended. So sometimes we can eat more oil in our dishes than we wanted to.

Well here is my tip for solving this problem!

I use a vinegar jar to keep my oil in! The oil comes out in small drops and the best part is that if you want it pour out fast - you just move it faster and it will. You can choose how fast you want your oil to come out. So you don't need to worry about over oiling your pans or drenching your salads etc ever again!

The best thing about using a vinegar jar is that it is so inexpensive to buy! You can buy these vinegar jars for such a cheap price and they are so very effective, more than any fancy oil dispenser I have ever used.

So there you have my tip to having a handy oil dispenser that really works!

Jeena x


Asha said...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil usually comes in a bottle with small spout to drip. If you don't have that, then using Vinegar bottle is a great idea!:))

Jeena said...

Hi Asha, yes olive oil bottles do come with a spout but sometimes there are reasons for people to be on very low fat diets, from my experience with these bottles the oil still does come out too much too fast.

Thanks for your comment. :)

ruthEbabes said...

And thank you for stopping by my blog too! I love reading yours, you've a great mix of things here!

It's so true about finding a good bottle for oil to prevent overpouring etc. Thankfully someone bought us a beautiful bottle with a similar nozzle as a wedding gift so it sits right beside the cooker for handy reaching!

Jeena said...

Hi Ruth great that you got a good one for your oil as a gift. :)

sagari said...

nice post

Kribha said...

Sure is a great tip. I hve a big mouth oil can that pours oil so fast. It's time for a change. Thanks for your idea.

Jeena said...

Hery Sagari Hi Kribha I sure hope this tip helps. :)