Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Healthy Date Pancakes

This recipe is healthy and delicious! I cooked these last night and they were soo tasy! If you get a sweet tooth then this sure will satisfy it! I love pancakes and if you do too I am positive you will love these date pancakes! :)

For the Date Filling

Approx 14 Pitted Dates


Tbsp Honey

Roughly Chop up your dates and put into a small pan with a little water and the honey. Simmer for a few minutes until the dates start to go soft.

When the dates look soft pulp in a blender for a minute or so until it forms a paste. (If it is too thick add a tiny amount of water to loosen it but try to pulp it first - sometimes it looks thicker than it is)

For the Pancakes
Some Wholewheat Flour
2 Eggs
2-3 Tbsp Honey
Approx 1 Pint Milk

First sieve the wholemeal flour into a bowl and discard the left over wheat bits(pour bits back into flour bag or seal in a bag for a different recipe).

Now in a separate bowl whisk your eggs, add honey and whisk some more. Then add one and a half - two cup fulls of your sieved flour and mix well - it should look like a cake mix. Then gradually keep adding our milk until it becomes more loose - when ready it should be like a thick batter - NOT as thick as a cake mix.

Heat a griddle/frying pan to hot then add a small drizzle of rapeseed oil with a small blob of butter/healthy margarine(olive oil is too savoury for this dish and butter will burn without the rapeseed oil. You only need to do this once, once is enough to grease the pan.

Pour in some batter as you would a pancake and tilt the pan a little to let it spread. You can tell when it is ready for turning over as it cooks the batter will look more solid - cook it for a minute or so then turn it over.

Onced turned over you might want to gently press down the sides with your spatula if the edges lift - don't worry though. Cook for a minute - it is ready when it is a little golden brown on each side.

Now put your pancake onto a plate and coat with your date filling.

Roll up the bottom of the pancake.

Keep on rolling to the top.

Now cut the roll into three pieces diagonally.

Serve with some more of your date filling. Enjoy your healthy pancakes! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeena,
The date pancakes look yumm! Very nice, detailed instructions! Thanks for sharing.


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Sneha, thankyou for stopping by :) They were very yummy :)

Seema Bhat said...

Jeena, Lovely pancakes and dates are my all time fav too. Jeena means to live in hindi. Love you name too.

Asha said...

I was going to ask how did you get that stripes and then I saw the grill!:))

Looks yummy. Dates makes it sweet already,I don't think we need honey ,do we?Makes it tastier of course.

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Seema, thankyou for telling me that Jeena means to live in Hindi :)

Hi Asha, it is funny because when I was making the date filling I thought to myself "do I really need honey with dates?" he he :) It did taste yummy though :)

Thankyou all for your lovely comments they are much appreciated :)

Manjula said...

Lovely stripes on the pancakes. May be I will buy one such skillet too..
Wow..this is great! Like the idea of using whole wheat. I have so many things to try from here..
Jeena, Is this a dessert or a breakfast?

Chef Jeena said...

Hiya Manjula :) I only bought this griddle pan a week ago and I am making geat use of it! I'm happy your going to try some of my recipes :)

I ate these pancakes when I had sweet tooth after my evening meal.
Thanks for stopping by Manjula :)

Deepa Hari said...

Date Pancakes sounds interesting and i love dates...got to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeena,

These date pancakes look lovely, and I love the step by step photo's showing you how to make them.

It is a pleasure seeing your blog :-)

Kassy :)

Anonymous said...


The date filling sounds so good! I make pancakes a lot so next time I will try them with dates!

Sharmi said...

waw Jeena, those look so yummy and delicious. They surely sound healthy too. Nice step by step pics.


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Nicole, Hi Sharmi :) Thankyou, They were delicious yes :)

Sammy said...

What a coincidence I just made pancakes also! Check out my blog :)

Richa said...

hey, date pancake recipe looks great, you have described the process so well. Am fond of dates, will try this one.
loved the pic on the sidebar of the spices and dals.

Anonymous said...

Dates are my favourite, I just might have to try these out. :o)

Mandira said...

Wow, the date pancake sounds delicious. This will be our weekend recipe. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeena, your blog is great. For two reasons. One, the photography is terrific. Two, you have put down everything you like; basically world cuisine, which is how most of us urban women cook.
I am a journalist, passionate about food, and am now in the middle of a book on the subject. Would like to keep in touch. But I do not have a blog...

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Theresa, Thankyou. Good luck with your book:) Hope to see you back.

Anonymous said...

you have a nice blog here with detailed instructions for every recipe...loved the date pancakes


Chef Jeena said...

Hi Sushma thankyou for visiting. I'm glad you liked the date pancakes :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Geena, for this recipe. I applaud you for always trying to whip up healthy dishes and I like it that you used wholemeal flour for the pancakes. Also, it is such a clever idea of yours to use a griddle pan. I have the greatest difficulty in coming up with round pancakes - my pancakes tend to come in all shapes but round. Any tips, ideas from you, especially in cooking round pancakes on a square griddle!, would be very much appreciated. Hayley

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Hayley thankyou for leaving a comment and visiting my blog :) My pancakes come in all shapes and sizes too. My only advise would be to pour your batter onto the griddle and move the pan from side to side into a circle as soon as the batter touches the pan......Maybe you could try gentley spreading it into a circle with the back of a large spoon?

Hayley, for some reason I found using the griddle easier for making pancakes on than a frying pan. I was a little dubious at first but they turned out great and the lined effect on it makes them look good too. :)

If you have any other questions just let me know, hope this helps :)

TBC said...

Hi Jeena,
It's my first time here. Got here through your comment on my blog.
Date pancakes look really good. I like the way you have used pics to describe each step.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeena,

I am searching the recipe of Date sweet and find your recipe, it looks very yummy and healthy too. I don't know how to make past of date and i find it in your blog. Thanks for sharing with picture. I will make sweet of date and you give me how to make paste of dates. Thanks for sharing. Let's i will try to make it and if it turn out good then i will also post on my blog.

Thanks for sharing nice recipe.
Have a cheerful day!!!